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Personal correspondence

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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A. L. Anderson Letter

Identifier: MSS-1621
Abstract A letter dated 19 November 1859, to his sister in the north while he was building the new Alabama Insane Hospital (Bryce Hospital) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In it Anderson expresses regrets at his inability to provide her with financial assistance and his hopes that he can stay in the South, where his prospects have improved.
Dates: 1859-11-19

A. R. Moen Letter

Identifier: MSS-1008
Abstract A letter dated 31 May 1831, from Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama, to M. P. Collins of Collins and Company, Hartford, Connecticut. It reports on businesses in various towns along the Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers and the axes they stock, noting which sell Collins and Company's goods and which do not.
Dates: 1831-05-31

Adams Family papers

Identifier: MSS-0006
Abstract This collection consists principally of correspondence among members of the Adams Family, the majority of which concerns the Confederate service of a son, who wrote many letters detailing army life and conditions. It also contains papers related to Homer and John Adams, prisoners of war who died before returning home, and an Adams Family history by Irving Adams, dated December 18, 1948.
Dates: 1849 - 1926; Majority of material found within 1860 - 1865

Lamar Aldridge papers

Identifier: MSS-0059
Overview Letters home written while Aldridge was in training in Georgia and then serving in France during World War I.
Dates: 1917-1919

Jonathon A. B. Allison letter

Identifier: MSS-0068
Overview A letter dated 6 March 1862, from "Camp Alabama, near Dumfries, Virginia," to "Dear Uncle," with news of friends and the war.
Dates: 1862 March 6

Letters from Archie to Sarah and Brother

Identifier: MSS-2214
Abstract Collection consists of family correspondence between Archie and siblings. Discusses education, farming, and family matters.
Dates: 1860 - 1874

Ethel Marie Armes papers

Identifier: MSS-0087
Overview Personal letters written by Ethel Armes, a Birmingham journalist and author, primarily to Alice Wiggin of Franklin, Massachusetts.
Dates: between 1890 and 2002

A. Babbitt letter

Identifier: MSS-0100
Abstract Letter from Babbitt to his cousin William H. Babbitt of Princeton, New Jersey, describing an ocean voyage from New York to Mobile, and Babbitt's subsequent doings in Alabama.
Dates: circa 1843 December

Harvey Beeson letters and photographs

Identifier: MSS-0129
Abstract Letter and photographs relating to Harvey Beeson’s ancestors in Michigan, August 1939.
Dates: 1939

William Robert Bell letter

Identifier: MSS-0134
Abstract A letter dated 29 May 1864 from a Confederate soldier to his mother and sister while stationed in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.
Dates: 1864 May 29

Winafred Bird letter

Identifier: MSS-0158
Abstract A letter from Bird dated 5 May 1822, from Lower Salem, Sumter District, South Carolina to her son John Goodson Falls of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bird asked that he visit her and that she might join him in Tuscaloosa.
Dates: 1822 May 5

Winton M. Blount papers

Identifier: MSS-0176
Abstract This collection contains the papers of this Montgomery, Alabama, business leader, during his term as United States Postmaster General (1969-1971).
Dates: 1956-2004

Sarah Blue collection

Identifier: MSS-0177
Abstract A collection of items, most of them relative to the 1915 high school graduation of Sarah Blue of Union Springs, Alabama, including a keepsake book, “My Golden School Days.”
Dates: 1894-circa 1915

Iveson L. Brookes papers

Identifier: MSS-0214
Abstract A large collection of letters to and from this Baptist clergyman, planter and southern sectionalist, including defenses of the South, Brookes's business transactions, and family matters.
Dates: 1811-1911; Majority of material found within 1825 - 1865

Charles Mitchell Burford letter

Identifier: MSS-0231
Overview Letter written by Burford, dated 20 October 1847, from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to his brother in Summerfield [Alabama?]
Dates: 1847 October 20

C. C. Sale and Sallie Sale Letters

Identifier: MSS-1223
Abstract This collection contains two letters, one by C. C. Sale from Harpers Ferry, Virginia, 26 May [1864] to his wife, and one from Sallie Sale from Culpeper Courthouse, Virginia 30 July [1864] to her sister.
Dates: 1860

Carl Schurz Letters

Identifier: MSS-1233
Abstract This collection contains three letters composed while Schurz was traveling in the South during the summer of 1865, at least one of which was written from Alabama. It also contains a letter of introduction from Major General James H. Wilson.
Dates: 1865

Caroline Virginia Samuel Letters

Identifier: MSS-1227
Abstract Letters from Tuscaloosa to Samuel's cousin Edmond W. Samuel, with news, social and otherwise, of Tuscaloosa, the aftermath of the Civil War, and much else.
Dates: 1865 - 1871

Charles Wiggins Papers

Identifier: MSS-1553
Abstract A collection of a Jasper, Alabama attorney's correspondence and legal documents, 1916-23.
Dates: 1916 - 1923

Chris Peterson Letters

Identifier: MSS-3037
Overview Two letters from J. W. Culley of Leeton, Missouri. He discusses putting in a well and renting out his home. A third letter is from R. H. Peterson of Endicott, Nebraska and is written in Danish.
Dates: 1908 - 1930

T. H. Crenshaw, Jr., papers

Identifier: MSS-0372
Overview Photocopies of the papers of the Crenshaw family, including personal and business correspondence, bills, receipts, etc.
Dates: 1810-1884

Jefferson Carroll Davis Papers

Identifier: MSS-4232
Overview World War II letters, scrapbook, and genealogical materials
Dates: 1884-1945

Frank Murray Dixon papers

Identifier: MSS-0439
Abstract Family correspondence, newsclippings, financial records, and photos of this Alabama governor and his family.
Dates: 1938-1981

Dorman and Noel family papers

Identifier: MSS-0443
Abstract A genealogical record of the ancestors of Lily Dorman Ramsey, plus family correspondence of the Dormans and Noels of Greensboro and Mobile, Alabama.
Dates: 1831-1866

William Edwards letters

Identifier: MSS-3812

James Clifford Estes papers

Identifier: MSS-0492
Overview Personal correspondence, papers relating to academic matters, a diploma, cards, maps, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Estes, his family, and friends
Dates: 1914-1955; Majority of material found within 1919 - 1924

Foster Mark Kirksey Papers

Identifier: MSS-0827
Abstract An extensive collection of business and personal papers and correspondence of this Greene County, Alabama planter, commission merchant, sheriff, and Confederate commissary agent, and his extended family.
Dates: 1795 - 1953

Francis Bugbee papers

Identifier: MSS-0228
Overview Consists principally of personal correspondence from Francis Bugbee's family and close friends concerning family and personal news. as well as genealogical materials relating to the Bugbee family and many other Massachusetts and Connecticut families. There is very little business correspondence or any information concerning his years as trustee, judge, or legislator.
Dates: 1818-1879; Majority of material found within 1818 - 1820

Francis Scott Key Letter

Identifier: MSS-0812
Abstract A letter dated 4 February 1834, to Alabama Governor John Gayle, thanking him for a nice visit to Tuscaloosa, probably during Key's mission to resolve a dispute between the U.S. government and Alabama over the dispostion of lands taken from the Creek Indians. Key's letter also discusses congressional debates on the Bank of the United States.
Dates: 1834-02-04

Frank A. Rose Papers

Identifier: MSS-1207
Overview Personal correspondence, files, and memorabilia collected by Dr. Rose during his tenure as President of The University of Alabama.
Dates: 1957-1969

Frank Ragan King Letters

Identifier: MSS-0818
Abstract Two letters to King, one from Burwell Boykin Lewis, the other from Richard C. Jones.
Dates: 1854 - 1859

George and Eleanor Bridges Papers

Identifier: MSS-0210
Overview Letters written to George and Eleanor Bridges, of Homewood, Jefferson County, Alabama, and others written by George. There are also newspaper clippings, miscellaneous items and four journals.
Dates: 1932-1965

George H. Denny Papers

Identifier: MSS-3874
Overview Letters from Denny to Professor J. M. Ward in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as a Christmas card, souvenir postcards, and a souvenir football program.
Dates: 1934-1957

Virginia Chapman Green genealogical research

Identifier: MSS-0589
Overview Folders containing Green's personal genealogical research.
Dates: unknown

Hardee family papers

Identifier: MSS-3815
Overview Financial documents, letters, and genealogical documents
Dates: 1852-1889

Daniel J. Haughton papers

Identifier: MSS-0649
Overview Mainly personal correspondence and newspaper clippings about the passing of Daniel Haughton
Dates: 1980s

Holland M. Smith Letter and Clipping

Identifier: MSS-1287
Abstract A 1955 letter written to T. H. Bethea, furnishing information about Smith's family, and a newspaper clipping reporting his death.
Dates: 1955 - 1967

Ann Hollis letters

Identifier: MSS-1789
Abstract Letters, postcards, and telegrams from World War II pen pals to this former Montreat College student and resident of Headland, Henry County, Alabama.
Dates: 1943-1946

Hugh Gantt Lollar Letters

Identifier: MSS-0874
Abstract A small collection of letters from Oregonia, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, to his cousin Hugh Robinson, Level Land, Abeville, South Carolina. The chief subjects are agricultural conditions and prices.
Dates: 1859 - 1860

Inge Family Papers

Identifier: MSS-0726
Abstract A copy of the will of Richard Inge, Sr., 1883; a copy of a letter from W.S. Wyman to a Mr. Inge, 1906, regarding Inge family genealogy; and correspondence between the University of Alabama library and Mrs. Z. M. P. Inge regarding the family's papers.
Dates: 1833 - 1968

Thomas K. Jackson letters

Identifier: MSS-3814
Overview Letters written during his career in the Confederate Army as well as a letter of amnesty on his behalf from J. Longstreet to Ulysses S. Grant
Dates: 1844-1865

James A. Seddon Letter

Identifier: MSS-1240
Abstract A letter dated 16 March 1864 to General Joel Briggs, Adjutant and Inspector General of Alabama, declining to detail George Breitenbach as shoemaker for the cadets of the University of Alabama.
Dates: 1864-03-16

James Somerville Papers

Identifier: MSS-1307
Abstract Letters to his wife, Ellen G. Sommerville, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia while Somerville was on two trips to Alabama and Mississippi, looking for a place to settle. The Somervilles eventually chose Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The letters contain comments on traveling companions, places seen, business conditions, and etc.
Dates: 1835 - 1837

Joanne H. Smith Letter

Identifier: MSS-1288
Abstract A letter dated 11 October 1835, from Boston to Miss Susan C. Farley, Ipswich, Massachusetts. Smith, a former pupil of Farley's, discusses the latter's intention to go to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to teach at the Tuscaloosa Female Institute.
Dates: 1835-10-11

John B. Tomilson Card

Identifier: MSS-1922
Overview One card thanking family and friends for expressing sympathy for the death of the mother of possibly John B. Tomlinson.
Dates: 1932

John H. Pettway Letter

Identifier: MSS-1134
Abstract Letter from Pettway in Knoxville, Tennessee, to Professor John L. Calhoun at the University of Alabama regarding the current status of his church membership.
Dates: 1897-02

John Heyl Vincent Letter

Identifier: MSS-1500
Abstract A note of apology to William Ballantyne for not attending a Bible meeting.
Dates: 1850

Johnne Bryant Willbern Letters

Identifier: MSS-1556
Abstract A series of letters written from May to September 1954, by the wife of the chair of the political science department at the University of Alabama while accompanying her husband to New Zealand, where he was teaching. They were written to family and friends and contain accounts of the family's experiences and descriptions of local customs. One newspaper clipping is also included.
Dates: 1954

John H. Jones Papers

Identifier: MSS-4104
Overview Letters from John H. Jones to his parents, his girlfriend Jeffie McCoy, as well as letters from her to him, along with a good sized collection of photographs, many of which were taken during his tour of duty in India and China during World War II.
Dates: 1922-1958

Junkins Family Papers

Identifier: MSS-0794
Abstract A collection of genealogical material including correspondence between family members, clippings of obituaries, and of newspaper stories about a family reunion.
Dates: 1878 - 1940; Majority of material found within 1878 - 1884