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Box 4257.001


Contains 55 Collections and/or Records:

New England Almanac Fragment, 1803

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents From the Series: The Northeast Region is made up of the following states: Connecticut; Delaware; Maine; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; and Vermont.
Dates: 1803

Ezra Prescott Letters, 1808-1825

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Letters from Ezra Prescott of Greenfield, New Hampshire, to his brother Joel Prescott of Phelps, New York, and one from a Joel Hardley to Ezra Prescott, discussing friends, family, deaths, marriages, religion, and Ezra's joining the Freemasons.
Dates: 1808-1825

Samuel Reeve Letter, 1822 September 8

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Letter from Samuel Reeve of Palmyra, New York, to Beulah Haines of Zane Township (now called Zanefield, Ohio), Ohio, to Mother, possibly his mother-in-law, updating her on his and Elizabeth's lives.
Dates: 1822 September 8

Richard Varick Petition to Congress, 1829 September 29

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Petition to Congress written by several members of the "Committee of Petitioners in the City of New York." The main concern of the petition is "to prevent the transportation of the mail on the Sabbath and the keeping open of post-offices on that holy day." The petition is a mixture of handwritten and typed concerns
Dates: 1829 September 29

Tyler M. Beach Letter, 1830 April 30

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter written by Tyler M. Beach of Otto, New York, to his brother, Augustus Beach of Oppenheim, New York, in 1830, with updates on family, friends, and their farm.
Dates: 1830 April 30

Sally Hill Letters, 1834 September 6

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Letters written on one sheet of paper from family members Polly Wilson and Nancy Sladen of Acworth, New Hampshire, to their sister and aunt, respectively, Sally Hill of Paupon, Illinois, telling her of the illnesses and deaths of family and friends, as well as other tidbits of news.
Dates: 1834 September 6

Mary Ann Dunbar Letters, 1836-1843

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents Letters to and from Mary Ann Dunbar of Westmoreland, New Hampshire. The earlier letters are from a cousin (also named Mary Ann) and describe the affairs of their mutual friends and acquaintances. There is one letter from Horace Starkey to Mary Ann (Dunbar) and the final five letters are from her to him, the final letter being just weeks before their wedding.
Dates: 1836-1843

Otis Burgess Letter, 1836 May 10

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Letter from Otis Burgess to his brother Charles, both of Buffalo, New York, informing Charles that he is healthy and employed and that the prices of goods are twenty-five percent more than they had been the previous season.
Dates: 1836 May 10

Letter from Ann to Hannah M. Smith, 1838 March 20

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Letter to Hannah H. Smith of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, from Ann of Clarendon, Rhode Island, apologizing for a poorly penned letter previously sent, as well as updating and inquiring about friends and family.
Dates: 1838 March 20

Evalina Bardwell Letter, 1838 May 8

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Letters to Evelina Bardwell, of Southbridge, Massachusetts, written on the same sheet of paper. The first, written by her sister Charlotte J., of Williamstown, Massachusetts, discusses her families health, the visit from a friend, and her evening at the Junior Exhibition. The second letter, written by Roxanne, also of Williamstown, stating how happy she would be to see Evelina again.
Dates: 1838 May 8

S. B. Russy Letter, 1839 September 7

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Written to her brother R.D. Robbins in Andover, Massachusetts, Russy's letter details her garden of lilies and plans for pomegranate and guava trees in the future. She also tells a scandalous story about a mutual acquaintance from home whose daughter eloped with a "Dutchman" at the age of 18.
Dates: 1839 September 7

Letter to Horace Winslow, 1841-08-21

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Letter from John of Rochester, New York, to Horace Winslow of New York City, discussing the health and welfare of various friends and family members, as well as advising Winslow on the outcome of a legal matter.
Dates: 1841-08-21

Pennsylvania Dutch Funeral Cards, 1843 - 1982

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents Thirty-five funeral cards dating from 1843 to 1982. The cards are primarily for the Hochstedler, Miller, Schmucker, Schrock and Yoder families although there are other families represented.
Dates: 1843 - 1982

Virginia Whitwell Letter, 1845 June 23

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents Letter from Virginia Whitwell in Rahway, New Jersey, to her mother Ann W. Whitwell of Washington, D. C., telling about the horrors of her trip from home to Rahway via stage coach, boat, and train, as well as relating the news of other family friends
Dates: 1845 June 23

C. and Louisa Van Duren Letter, 1845 August 10

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Parents C. and Louisa Van Duren of Dansville, New York, wrote to children in Franklin, Michigan, about crops and harvest. The weather had been irregular and caused the premature death of the fruit and potatoes, though the wheat harvest was abundant.
Dates: 1845 August 10

American Tract Society Annual Report of 1845, 1845 April 25

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents A "form letter" of the 1845 annual report of the American Tract Society. Written by R. S. Cook, he discusses the society's work amongst the Germans of Pennsylvania, converting Catholics to Protestantism, how many Bibles and other tracts have been sold and for how much income, the numbers of people "saved," and other activities the society was involved in. The report is addressed to Rev. E. F. Foster of North Dakota and was forwarded by J. Blip.
Dates: 1845 April 25

Abigail Dodge Letter, 1846 May 22

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents Letter from Abigail Dodge, of Granby, New York, to her brother John Thacher Hopewell, of Ontario County, New York. She discusses her dead husband, John's dead son Samuel, God's mercy, directions to her house, and praying for every one's well-being.
Dates: 1846 May 22

J. H. Tebbets Letter, 1846 October 31

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Letter from J.H. Tebbets of Saco (probably Maine) to his sister Julia Ann Tebbets of Grand Falls, New Hampshire. Besides the news of the family, the letter ends with an Indian prayer of five stanzas.
Dates: 1846 October 31

Dr. Robert Lane Letter, 1847 July 19

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents Letter to Dr. Robert Lane of Sutton, New Hampshire, about the birth of two new colts, and is promised a colt and mare. The transportation of the animals from Concord, New Hampshire, to Sutton (a distance of about 35 miles), is discussed.
Dates: 1847 July 19

Letter to Margaret Bailey, 1848-01-06

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents Letter from Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to her aunt, Margaret Bailey of Urbana, Ohio, about the family and time spent with acquaintances.
Dates: 1848-01-06

Gideon Kinports Letter, 1848-04-22

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents Letter from Gideon Kinports of Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania, to Eliza who is moving away from Cherry Tree. In it he expresses his deep feeling for her and includes a poem of his sentiments.
Dates: 1848-04-22

A. W. Johnson Letter, 1848 July 21

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents Letter written by A. W. Johnson of Belfast, Maine, to Josiah Crosby, Esquire, of Sexter, Maine, regarding a sum of money owed to him by a person that lived close to Dexter and asking for assistance in collecting the money.
Dates: 1848 July 21

Ruth Richardson Letter, 1849 March 3

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents Letter from Ruth Richardson, of Acton, Massachusetts, to her daughter Ann H. Thompson, of Landgrove, Vermont, describing the sudden death of her husband, Ann's father.
Dates: 1849 March 3

Charles J. Adams Letter, 1849-04-18

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 24
Scope and Contents Letter from Charles J. Adams of Bridgewater, New York, to Dennis Pritchard of Wolcott, Connecticut, about his uncle who was recently married.
Dates: 1849-04-18

Lavinia Austin Letters, 1850 - 1859

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 25
Scope and Contents Correspondence to and from Lavinia Austin of Hartford, Connecticut, written in the 1850s. The letters discuss Lavinia's upcoming wedding as well as various friends and family members. Several of the letters are from Katie (Katy) B. P., discussing daily life and many of their friends. One letter mentions her hope of hearing Jenny Lind in concert.
Dates: 1850 - 1859

Hope Murdock Letter, 1850 - 1859

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents Letter written by Hope Murdock of Utica, New York, to her nephew, James Smith, of Buffalo, New York, apologizing for a previous letter and saying that "the parties concerned have concluded they were too young to make any engagements at present." She also tells him that she recently visited other family members and had good reports of everyone.
Dates: 1850 - 1859

Codia Curtis Letter, 1850-10-20

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents A letter written by Codia Curtis of New York to her cousin about moving to Sacramento, California, to be with her husband who has opened a hotel.
Dates: 1850-10-20

George R. Keep Letter, 1850 December 29

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 28
Scope and Contents Letter from George R. Keep of Lockport, New York, to his friend Richard D. Smith of Geneva, Wisconsin, updating Smith on friends, weather, business, plans, and Keep's health.
Dates: 1850 December 29

Letter from Frances to Mary J. Porter, between 1851-1857

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 29
Scope and Contents Letter from Frances of Sheffield, Massachusetts, to her friend, Mary J. Porter, of Lenox, Massachusetts. Frances tells Mary that she has received an opportunity to go to New Haven, Connecticutt, on her vacation and so will not be coming to visit Mary. The letter is not dated, but was probably written in the early 1850s as the stamp on the envelope (Washington head, 3 cent) was issued between 1851 and 1857.
Dates: between 1851-1857

Nathaniel Cotton Letter, 1851 January 1

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 30
Scope and Contents Letter from Nathaniel Cotton of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to his brother, Leonard Cotton of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, commenting on the health of the family and the construction of new roads. He closes by wishing his brother a happy new year.
Dates: 1851 January 1

M. H. Hazeltrine Letter, 1852 April 18

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 31
Scope and Contents Letter from M. H. Hazeltrine of Jamestown, New York, to E. P. Hayward of Providence, Rhode Island, offering condolences on the death Hayward's sister.
Dates: 1852 April 18

Lissie Norten Letter, 1852 September 9

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 32
Scope and Contents Letter from Lissie Norten of Duxbury, Massachusetts, to her sister Mary Ellen Norten of Suffield, Connecticut, about finding Mary Ellen a dress, coming home late, and other news of family and friends.
Dates: 1852 September 9

Caroline C. Whitaker Letter, 1854-06-26

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 33
Scope and Contents A letter written by Caroline C. Whitaker to Mrs. Bangs while visiting her sister Julia in Willington, Connecticut. She writes of her brother in California who has recently purchased an interest in one of the minesand the health and well-being of other family members as well as the local religious community.
Dates: 1854-06-26

J. Wheaton Smith Letter, 1855 January 10

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 34
Scope and Contents A "form letter" written by J. Wheaton Smith on behalf of the Pennsylvania Baptist Convention of 1855, reporting on the large number of baptisms and finishes by requesting contributions.
Dates: 1855 January 10

Linderman Family Letters, 1855 - 1873

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 35
Scope and Contents Letters written to John Linderman and/or his wife, Lucy, from 1855 to 1873, from family members, discussing various family events and updates.
Dates: 1855 - 1873

Sarah A. Burham Letter, 1855-10-03

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 36
Scope and Contents Letter from Sarah Burham of Warrensburgh (possibly New York) to her old school friend Annie shares news about friends and former classmates, discussing engagements, marriages, births, and a scandalous elopement.
Dates: 1855-10-03

Milo Todd Letter, 1857-06-22

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 37
Scope and Contents A letter from Milo Todd of Northford, Connecticut, to his friend, John Douglass Fowler of Bristol, Wisconsin, telling him about the wet weather and crop expectations. He also mentions a comet that was predicted to hit the earth and end-of-the-world prophecies, as well as his temporary "Western Fever" and interest in leaving Connecticut.
Dates: 1857-06-22

Sarah Jane and D. T. Hill Letters, 1859 January

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 38
Scope and Contents Letters from Sarah Jane and D. T. Hill of Glen Falls, New York, to Sarah's brother Hopkins. Sarah's letter has detailed informetion about a retired soldier/doctor who is boarding with them, as well as other news about family and friends. D. T. Hill's letter concerns his health and inability to go to see Hopkins about an affidavit for a court case in which Hopkins is concerned.
Dates: 1859 January

Mrs. Lewis C. Paine Letter, 1859 February 28

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 39
Scope and Contents Letter from Mrs. Lewis C. Paine, of Willkes-Barre, Pennsylvanis, to her husband who is dealing with family affairs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, giving him news of various friends and activities at home, as well as how the news of the death of Mrs. Paine's father-in-law had left her daughter very saddened by the news.
Dates: 1859 February 28

M. H. Milton Letters, 1861-1872

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 40
Scope and Contents Letters sent to M. H. Milton by friends, family, and business associates.
Dates: 1861-1872

M. C. Gibbings Letter, 1861 July 19

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 41
Scope and Contents Letter written by M. C. Giddings of Pittston, Pennsylvania, to Harriet Leonard of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, commenting on the health of various friends and asking Leonard to visit.
Dates: 1861 July 19

Joel Maxon Letter, 1861 October 10

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 42
Scope and Contents Letter from Joel Maxon to friends and relatives inquiring about the well-being of several friends and relatives.
Dates: 1861 October 10

R. J. Clark Letter, 1863 October 1

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 43
Scope and Contents Letter written by R. J. Clark of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to his cousin. In it, he discusses the Democratic Party, meetings, and hearing Henry Clay Dean give a speech. On the back of the letter is a note from Mother to Maggie discussing daily life.
Dates: 1863 October 1

Thomas Weir Letter, 1863 October 29

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 44
Scope and Contents Letter written by Thomas Wier, of Haverhill, New Hampshire, to his niece Mary D. Currier of Canaan, New Hampshire, regarding information about favorable witnesses in a lawsuit.
Dates: 1863 October 29

Libbie Bodle Letter, 1865 May 31

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 45
Scope and Contents A letter from Libbie Bodle of Cuddebackville, New York, to Emma Green in May 1865, discussing friends and the departure of the preacher, Mr. Winter, who she accuses of being a Copperhead." There is also a fabric swatch (brown with blue striping) pinned to a two-inch disc.
Dates: 1865 May 31

Letter from Emily to Natt Wheeler, 1865 September 10

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 46
Scope and Contents Letter from Emily of Windsor, Vermont, to her cousing Natt T. Wheeler of Louisville, Kentucky, giving him family news as well as news of acquaintances, especially about one family who were "very much crestfallen on account of their daughter at the South, her husband lost all his property and she has writen [sic] her father to send her money to come North."
Dates: 1865 September 10

Melissa and J. Sprague Letters, 1867-03-05

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 47
Scope and Contents Letters from Melissa Sprague of Lowell, Massachusetts, to her daughter, Julia, discussing family issues and problems. The second letter, written on the back of the first, to Julia and George (presumably her husband) from her father, J. Sprague, describes how wet and muddy the weather and roads have been.
Dates: 1867-03-05

Fred M. Owen Letter, 1868 August 6

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 48
Scope and Contents Letter written by Fred M. Owen in Chester, Pennsylvania, to Joshua P. Eyre, saying that everyone is well and that he finds Eyre's room very comfortable.
Dates: 1868 August 6

Mehitabel Lovren Letters, 1871-1872

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 49
Scope and Contents Letters to Mehitabel Lovren written by Mary A. Triplet of Princeton, Illinois, and Lois D. Brocklebank of Meriden, New Hampshire, and cover family news.
Dates: 1871-1872

Mercy A. Anderson Letters, 1869-02-21

 File — Box: 4257.001, Folder: 50
Scope and Contents Letters written to Mercy A. Anderson, a student at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts, from her mother and sister. Mrs. Anderson describes Mercy's siblings and a party that will be given, while Martha, Mercy's sister, wishes her well.
Dates: 1869-02-21