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Box 4257.004


Contains 37 Collections and/or Records:

Petey Newman Letter, 1858-07-25

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 24
Scope and Contents Letter from Petey Newman of Lisbon, Iowa, to his daughter telling her of the beauty of the Iowa countryside and includes a recipe for a remedy for a bad "could or coff" (cold or cough).
Dates: 1858-07-25

Letter from Emily to Mrs. Charles Beach, 1858-05-02

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents Letter from Emily, a music teacher in Austinburg, Ohio, to her cousin Mrs. Charles Beach of East Ottowa, New York, talking about her students and an upcoming musical convention. She also gives a humorous account of the poor food being served in the boarding house where she lives.
Dates: 1858-05-02

Letters from Emily to Catherine Newton, 1848 - 1849

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents Two letters from Emily of Liberty, Indiana, to her sister Catherine Newton in Waynesville, Ohio, telling about the family's health and welfare, particularly in the first letter about the impending death of their brother Philander. In the second letter, she talks of her other sisters and their day-to-day lives.
Dates: 1848 - 1849

A. Blackmon Letter, 1842-07-24

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents Letter written by Andrew Blackmon in Warsaw, to his wife Lauretta Blackmon in Ypsilanti, Michigan, discussing daily life and faith.
Dates: 1842-07-24

M. H. Letter, 1866-09-17

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 34
Scope and Contents Letter from M. H. in the Midwest, to Sisters relating the news from the area, including illnesses, deaths, weddings, and a scadal.
Dates: 1866-09-17

Marie Curtis Letter, 1837-09-02

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Letter from Marie Curtis of Danby, Michigan, to Charles and Minerva Bush of Howell, Michigan, telling them that her new son is named after Charles. She also tells them that one child is ill, another returns from school, and another is the new teacher for local children.
Dates: 1837-09-02

C. L. Ransom Letter, 1866-05-22

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 33
Scope and Contents Letter from C. L. Ransom of Kalamazoo, Michigan, to a "Friend Charlie," mentioning a photograph of Charlie which Libbie Ransom admires his photographs and praises the artist. Ransom also tells him about a squabble in Sabbath school. Also included in the file is an enclosure envelope labeled "Miss Libbie N. Ransom."
Dates: 1866-05-22

Ellen Wilson Letter, 1858-10-23

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 25
Scope and Contents Letter from Ellen Wilson of Berlin, Wisconsin, to her aunt about the death of her grandmother. She said that her grandmother had a "shock of paralysis" during the night and died. She also described the funeral.
Dates: 1858-10-23

Maria Gage Papers, 1813 - 1840

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Letters to and from Maria Pike Gage, the sister of General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, discoverer of Pike's Peak (1779-1813), and aunt of Clarissa Brown Pike Harrison, wife of John Cleves Symmes Harrison, son of William Henry Harrison. The letters center mainly on family matters, and include a very poignant letter from Maria to her son on the death of her father, Captain Zebulon Pike in 1834. There are two letters from her brother's widow, Clara (Clarissa) H. Pike and one from her niece, Clarissa...
Dates: 1813 - 1840

Letter from Anna to Sarah, 1833-06-29

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Letter from Anna of Rock Elm, Wisconsin, to Sarah sharing news and asking about mutual friends.
Dates: 1833-06-29

Jesse Boulton Letter, 1846-03-01

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents Letter written by Jesse Boulton in Boone County, Missouri, to his parents in Dover, Kentucky, telling them his wife, Mary died of bronchitis after being ill with typhoid fever, leaving him with two small children, Mary Alice and David Rice. His letter implies that not only his wife, but another daughter and son, Mary Eliza and Edwin, also died. Jesse also states that a negro woman he hired after his wife was first taken ill, also died of typhoid fever as did one of her sons.
Dates: 1846-03-01

Letter from Asa to F. D. Ogden, 1859-01-14

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents Letter from Asa of Galesburg, Illinois, to his cousin F. D. Ogden of Cameron, Illinois, talking about "spellings," sleighing, and visiting family.
Dates: 1859-01-14

Margaretta Imlay Letter, 1811-12-25

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Contains a letter from Margaretta Imlay of Hamilton, Ohio, to John C. Imlay, in Zanesville, Ohio, on Christmas Day, 25 December 1811, telling him about the New Madrid earthquakes of December 1811. There is also a photocopied article and map pertaining to the earthquakes.
Dates: 1811-12-25

Joseph Evans Letters, 1816-1851

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents eight letters to Joseph Evans of Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, and later Logan County, Ohio, between 1816 and 1851, from various family and friends updating him on the health of friends and family.
Dates: 1816-1851

Mary Suter Letter, 1821 July 29

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Letter from Mary Suter of Camden, Ohio, to her sister, Sarah Githens of Waynesville, Ohio in 1821. Suter tells her sister of her son Ezekiel's marriage and also sends greetings from her children Ann, Abigail and Joseph to their aunt, uncle, and cousins. Additionally, she comments on Abe's job on the poultry line and her own family's health.
Dates: 1821 July 29

Thomas and Charlotte King Letter, 1827 August 24

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter from Thomas and Charlotte King on August 24, 1827, to Joseph Evans of Logans County, Ohio, updating him on the lives of the Kings, including the loss of two daughters and their son's recovery after falling from a horse. They also send well wishes to Evans and his family.
Dates: 1827 August 24

John and Ann Bean Letters, 1828 - 1853

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Thirteen letters primarily to John and Ann Bean (Bain/Bane) of Marion County, Ohio, from relatives David and Elizabeth Mills of Dundee, Scotland, between 1828 and 1853, discussing trade, travel, deaths and births in the family, health, friends, and religion. There is also a letter to Ann from her brother, James Horn, from London, making arrangements before he embarks on a twelve-month voyage to New South Wales and India, as well as a letter to Ann from her husband, John, discussing travel...
Dates: 1828 - 1853

William R. Cole Letter, 1833 March 12

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents Letter from William R. Cole of Wilmington, Ohio, to M. Winany of Greene City, Ohio, discussing religious issues as well as a situation between two men within the church. He explains that a committee was formed and both men were found to be in the wrong.
Dates: 1833 March 12

Joseph Elliot Letter, 1835

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Letter from Joseph Elliot of Cleveland, Ohio, to possibly his daughter Zilpha of Wyoming County, New York, writing to console her and her two children who have apparently been abandoned by her husband Julius. Elliot also asks her about religion and advises her to raise her children to fear the Lord, and that her Uncle Jesse (whom the letter is addressed to) will tell her of Elliot's present circumstances.
Dates: 1835

Olivia Adams Letter, 1842 January 22

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Letter to Olivia Adams of Dayton, Ohio, from her daughter in Levant (possibly Maine), reporting on the pain in her back and head she has endured since the previous September. In the last part of the letter, written a few weeks later, she does tell her mother that her health is beginning to improve.
Dates: 1842 January 22

George E. Hand Letter, 1843 May 6

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents Letter to George E. Hand of Detroit, Michigan, from Thomas Legget(?) of New York, asking Hand's opinion on the reliability and admissibililty of the testimony of a person named Bacon.
Dates: 1843 May 6

James E. Misplay Letter, 1843 August 23

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Letter from James E. Misplay of Potosi, Missouri, to his uncle Nathan Beadle of Louiston, Illinois, about his recovery from an illness.
Dates: 1843 August 23

William Brown Letters, 1844-1846

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents Letters from William Brown of Logansport, Indiana, to B. F. Brown in Piqua, Ohio, discussing crops and commerce in Logansport, and explains that he has had to fire the man sharing the house with him because of his drinking, and that B. F. should not be surprised if he hears of William getting married again because he needs a housekeeper.
Dates: 1844-1846

James Gayton Letter, 1846-08-04

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Letter from James Gayton of Cleveland, Ohio, to his brother William Gayton of Waterloo, New York, discussing Richard's ill health, the coming Winter, money, wanting to visit his family, and the current prices for grain and produce. There is a second letter written on the bottom quarter of the sheet of paper by Mary Ann Gayton, William's wife, to her sister-in-law, also named Mary Ann.
Dates: 1846-08-04

E. Beach Letter, 1850-02-11

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents Letter from E. Beach in Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, to her brother and sister in Rockville, Kentucky, updating them on friends, family, and children.
Dates: 1850-02-11

Ella Bowman Letter, between 1851-1857

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents Letter from Ella Bowman, a student at Milwaukee College, to her parentsin Kilbourn City, Wisconsin, detailing orders she has placed with the dressmaker. The letter is not dated, but was probably written in the early 1850s as the stamp on the envelope (Washington head, 3 cent) was issued between 1851 and 1857.
Dates: between 1851-1857

Letters from Lolie to Sample, 1862-1866

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 29
Scope and Contents Ten letters to Sample, a friend and potential suitor who is evidently fighting in the Civil War as a Union soldier ("TSE Co. A 5th __" is written on the outside of one of the letters). The letters discuss news from home, dances and other social engagements, and hopes for his safe return home.
Dates: 1862-1866

David Criswell Letter, 1862 February 17

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 30
Scope and Contents Letter from David Criswell of Kickapoo City, Kansas, to Joel Lynn of Hartford, Indiana, describing the weather and commodity prices in Kansas, and asking for $50 that Lynn owes him.
Dates: 1862 February 17

Letters from Julia C. to Tom, 1865

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 31
Scope and Contents Two letters by a woman named Julia in Marietta, Ohio, to someone named Tom, reflecting on the happy memories Julia has of Tom before he left home and hopes for his safe and speedy return.
Dates: 1865

Grose Sisters Letters, 1865-1879

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 32
Scope and Contents Letters to and from sisters Mollie Grose of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Maria Evaline Grose Byrn of New Albany, Indiana, and later Byrnville, Indiana, discussing marriages, injuries, daily life, and even mentions soldiers on trains going to join Sherman's army.
Dates: 1865-1879

Partial Letter to "My Dear Girl", 1868-06-06

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 35
Scope and Contents Unsigned partial letter addressed to "My dear, dear Girl." The writer is in Cleveland and writes of family and friends and of recovering her health.
Dates: 1868-06-06

Letter from Will to Sister, 1869-06-06

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 36
Scope and Contents Letter from Will in East Tawas, Michagan, to his sister with news of his job and asking about friends and family.
Dates: 1869-06-06

A. S. Dickey Letter, 1869 December 12

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 37
Scope and Contents Letter from A.S. Dickey of Tipton, a college student, to his friend, talking about an accident from which the friend escaped. He also speaks of several girls who are also students and says that he is studying geometry, Latin, and grammar.
Dates: 1869 December 12

Charles R. Durkee Letter, 1841-09-07

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Letter from Charles R. Durkee in Columbus, Ohio, to his mother Mrs. H. A. Durkee of Townshend, Vermont, telling her of a "great Negro riot" in Cincinnati where seven or eight whites and blacks were killed and fifteen or twenty wounded. He also tells her about Ohio's crops, bed bugs, and thieves, as well as what he has been doing while in Ohio. He asks her to send a message along to his father asking for money if he has any to spare.
Dates: 1841-09-07

Horace and Marion Chase Letters - Horace Chase Incoming Correspondence, 1860 - 1871

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents Mainly personal correspondence between Horace and Marian Chase during the early years of their marriage when they were separated by business or vacations. Also included are other family and social correspondence discussing family news, daily life, vacation activates, and business trips.
Dates: 1860 - 1871

Horace and Marion Chase Letters - Marian Chase Incoming Correspondence, 1860 - 1871

 File — Box: 4257.004, Folder: 28
Scope and Contents Mainly personal correspondence between Horace and Marian Chase during the early years of their marriage when they were separated by business or vacations. Also included are other family and social correspondence discussing family news, daily life, vacation activates, and business trips, as well as a letter from the Cook County Women's Suffrage Association concerning "first general reunion after the great fire."
Dates: 1860 - 1871