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Box 4258.001


Contains 12 Collections and/or Records:

J. R. Pearce Letter, 1899 November 21

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from J. R. Pearce, secretary of the planning committee for the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Supervisors, County Commissioners and County Clerks of Illinois, to Charles Schofield of Carthage, Illinois. Pearce asks Schofield to address the convention with a proposed subject concerning the relation of the county clerks to the people of Illinois.
Dates: 1899 November 21

Cornelia Dyer Heile Letter, 1928 May 27

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents This collection contains one letter written by Cornelia Dyer Heile to a man she calls Mr. Reynolds on May 27, 1928. It is evidently a response to Reynolds's inquiry about reminiscences of the "Greatest man the world has ever known": Abraham Lincoln. Heile recounts a childhood meeting with Lincoln shortly after the election of 1860, her memories of his assassination and of his body lying in state in Chicago, and of going to school with Lincoln's son Tad after his father's assassination.
Dates: 1928 May 27

Letters to Lewis J. Tutt, 1931 November

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents The collection contains two letters written to Lewis J. Tutt, the New Jersey deputy Prohibition administrator. One letter, written on November 5, 1931, is from Elizabeth B. Dickinson, editor of the White Ribbon News in Morristown, New Jersey. She praises him for his anti-drinking position. The other letter is a short congratulatory note, written on November 25, 1931, by James K. Shields, state superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of New Jersey.
Dates: 1931 November

J. R. Elliott Letter, 1932 February 9

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents This file contains a note from Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elliott of Rex, Georgia, to Mr. W. L. Gilbert of Jonesboro, Georgia, in support of his political campaign.
Dates: 1932 February 9

Sibyl Pool Letter, 1945 October 3

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents The collection contains a letter from Sibyl Pool, Alabama secretary of state from 1944-1945, to Mr. E. E. Newton of Evergreen, Alabama. The letter is in response to their meeting the previous week.
Dates: 1945 October 3

Charles Langello Presidential Photographs Collection, 1940-circa 1960

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents This collection consists of two typescripts detailing trips taken by President Harry S. Truman in the fall of 1946; a reproduction of a photograph titled St. Louis Creek, Byers Peak Ranch, painted by President Dwight Eisenhower; a photograph of Eisenhower; a photograph of Harry and Bess Truman with John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy; and an autographed photograph of Mamie Eisenhower. The two typescripts detail Truman's trip to Bermuda (August 16 to September 2,...
Dates: 1940-circa 1960

Alben W. Barkley Papers, 1949-1984

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents This collection contains material on former US vice president Alben W. Barkley's estate auction in 1984. It also contains a photograph of him with President Harry Truman in 1949.
Dates: 1949-1984

Wade Hall Presidential Memorabilia, 1951-1961

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 10-11
Scope and Contents The collection contains assorted memorabilia from the administrations of Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. Most material is related to Eisenhower. The item related to Truman is the signed log of his visit to Key West, Florida (March 2-22, 1951). Material related to Eisenhower comprises two telephone directories from a presidential visit to Europe in 1959 and two logs. One is from a trip aboard the USS Canberra (March 14-26,...
Dates: 1951-1961

Clinton/Gore Campaign Materials, 1992

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents The collection includes an Americans for Change volunteer card and one special guest pass to Governor Bill Clinton's campaign event in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 29, 1992.
Dates: 1992

Reproduction Silhouettes of George and Martha Washington, undated

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents This file contains two cards that depict silhouettes of US President George Washington and his wife, Martha, above facsimiles of their signatures. The back of each card says that it is an "Authentic reproduction expressly executed by Maurice F. Phillips, produced by Moale-Mills Printing Company, Richmond, Virginia."
Dates: undated

Union Picnic Card and Temperance Cartoon, 1901, undated

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents This file contains a card advertising the July 22, 1901, Grand Annual Picnic of the Coopers' International Union, Local 38, as well as an undated color cartoon depicting a woman walking down the "road to destruction" toward an "early death from dissipation."
Dates: 1901, undated

Robert Boscock Lee Postcard, 1881 September 13

 File — Box: 4258.001, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents This file contains one postcard to J. G. Bathwick Esq. in Green County, New York, from "Your obedient servant," Dr. Robert Boscock Lee of Coxsackie, New York. Lee requests the names of the officers of the Green County Temperance Society and asks further questions about temperance workers around the country. He mentions "the growing power of Rum," which "must be put down."
Dates: 1881 September 13