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Box WSC001


Contains 33 Collections and/or Records:

Wendell Willkie letter, 1940 February 10

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.10
Scope and Contents The collection contains a letter from Wendell L. Willkie, dated February 10, 1940, to John Calhoun Caldwell of Birmingham, Alabama. Willkie thanks Caldwell for commenting on an article Willkie wrote for Reader's Digest.
Dates: 1940 February 10

Reporters for the Supreme Court of Alabama: typescript, after 1921

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.11
Scope and Contents In this twenty-six typescript of his article for an unnamed publication, William H. Brantley gives a brief sketch of each of the Reporters for the Alabama Supreme Court. In his opening paragraph, he calls these men the "unsung and unheralded, but not unappreciated, scholarly and trustworthy men who have prepared the opinions and judgements of the Supreme Court of Alabama for the printers and still had left enough patience to correct the galley, supervise the binding, and finally deliver the...
Dates: after 1921

Thornhill (Talladega, Ala.) article and photographs, 1932 March 12

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.13
Scope and Contents This short article gives a brief overview of the ownership and residents of this Talladega, Alabama, historic home. There are also two black and white photographs of the house.
Dates: 1932 March 12

Robert Ould letter, 1869 July 13

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.07
Scope and Contents In a one page letter dated July 13, 1869, from Robert Ould to Henry A. Wise, president of the Southern Association, Ould resigned his position as director of the association. The Southern Association was a Virginia benevolent organization established to support widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers.
Dates: 1869 July 13

Alabama receipts and statements, 1846-1858

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.08
Scope and Contents The collection contains receipts and statements from various vendors in Mobile, Montgomery, and Selma, Alabama, between 1846-1872. These receipts and statements are to a variety of people.
Dates: 1846-1858

Alexander B. Meek letter, 1859 June 10

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.09
Scope and Contents The collection contains a letter from Alexander B. Meek to Miss Addie A. Harris in June 1859. Miss Harris had written Meek requesting an autographed piece of silk for a quilt she was making. Meek not only sent her the autograph, he sent a beautiful four-line poem to add to his inscription on the quilt.
Dates: 1859 June 10

Michael Miley check, 1879 January 31

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.05
Scope and Contents This collection contains one check signed by Civil War photographer Michael Miley. The check, issued by the Bank of Lexington (Lexington, Virginia) is signed by Miley and made out to John Sheridan for the value of $12.40 and dated January 31, 1879. The check is endorsed by Sheridan.
Dates: 1879 January 31

L. A. Shaver letter, 1880 June 22

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.06
Scope and Contents A one-page letter written by Montgomery County (Alabama) Superintendent of Education L. A. Shaver to J. W. Dubose, appointing him to the Montgomery County Board of Education following the resignation of another board member. The letter, dated June 22, 1890, is written on stationery from Shaver's law firm.
Dates: 1880 June 22

Oscar W. Underwood papers, 1898-1924

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.18
Scope and Contents Twenty letters written by and about 1924 Democratic presidential nominee Oscar Wilder Underwood.
Dates: 1898-1924

L. H. Woodley letter, 1924 August 21

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.19
Scope and Contents In a letter dated August 21, 1924, L. H. Woodley acknowledges the receipt of William J. Mims's loan payment and agrees to extend the loan thirty days.
Dates: 1924 August 21

Henry E. Shepherd letter, 1906 December 17

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.20
Scope and Contents In a letter, dated December 17, 1906, from Henry E. Shepherd, author of The Life of Robert Edward Lee, to Colonel Thomas S. Kenan of Raleigh, North Carolina, Shepherd assures Kenan that five additional copies of The Life of Lee will be sent from the publisher soon. Shepherd also describes a letter from a critic who "expresses an implied contempt for my book as well as for myself and any literary work that might appear...
Dates: 1906 December 17

John M. Flanagan promissory note, 1869 February 20

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.21
Scope and Contents An 1869 promissory note between John M. Flanagan and James T. Flanagan (probably related but exact relationship unknown) for $74.30 payable at the Southern Bank of Alabama.
Dates: 1869 February 20

William R. Smith letter, 1879 February 12

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.15
Scope and Contents This is a brief note of reintroduction, dated February 12, 1879, written by William Russell Smith, a Tuscaloosa lawyer and former representative for Alabama to the United States Congress and president of the University of Alabama.
Dates: 1879 February 12

Southern Business Guide - Illustrated advertisement, circa 1875

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.16
Scope and Contents This single page from an undated issue of the Southern Business Guide - Illustrated highlights Columbus Female College in Columbus, Georgia, and the Beymer, Bauman, and Company
Dates: circa 1875

Jeremiah Clemens letter, 1848 September 3

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.17
Scope and Contents Jeremiah Clemens writes on September 3, 1848, to the Adjutant General of the Army in Washington, D.C., thanking him for sending his commission as a lieutenant colonel in the Ninth Infantry.
Dates: 1848 September 3

Thornhill: the story of a house: typescript, after 1900

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.12
Scope and Contents The unnamed author of this manuscript recounts over one hundred years of her family's history in this central Alabama home. She tells of family favorites and jealousies, fortunes and poverty, and through it all, their ties to the house.
Dates: after 1900

Jonathan Daniels letter, 1970 October 5

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.14
Scope and Contents A letter from Jonathan Daniels, dated October 5, 1970, explaining to Dr. Abernathy how two copies of his (Daniels') book were sent to Abernathy. Daniels also tells Abernathy about his progress on his next book.
Dates: 1970 October 5

John T. Hardier and Company records, 1840-1859

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.22
Scope and Contents The records in this collection are for a variety of materials being shipped to and from Mobile, Alabama, primarily through John T. Hardier and Company.
Dates: 1840-1859

Report on Alabama Justice conference program, 1966 February 3

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.03
Scope and Contents This forty page mimeographed handout, Report on Alabama Justice, was printed and distributed to attendees and participants of the Conference on Alabama Justice held at Tuskegee Institute on February 3, 1966. The conference, sponsored by the Ad Hoc Committee for Justice in Macon County, included two symposiums on Alabama Law and Politics and Alabama Law and the Federal Government and a memorial service honoring civil rights workers who died in Alabama....
Dates: 1966 February 3

R. Henry Hudson letter, after 1800

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.02
Scope and Contents This draft of a letter from R. Henry Hudson to an unknown party discusses a dispute around an unpaid bill. There is no indication where or when this draft was written.
Dates: after 1800

Lecture notes

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W.0092.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Alabama author Octavia Walton Le Vert wrote and used this twenty-three page manuscript on her lecture tours. Written after the Civil War, "The Home of the Brownings" describes Le Vert's 1885 visit to the Casa Guidi, the Italian home of poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.
Dates: circa 1870


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0146.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Letters from Ethel Armes to Robert Jemison Jr. of Birmingham, Alabama, and her brother Edmund Armes. To Jemison she clarifies the publication history of her book, The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama. In the letter she reminds Jemison of the problems she had in getting the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to publish it. In reference to a book by Mr. Hornaday, given to her by Jemison, she stated that "the bulk of the data of fully four chapters is taken...
Dates: 1921 - 1944


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0148.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection contains real estate development papers, including building restrictions/protective covenants and plat maps, of Dauphin Island, Alabama. The papers cover development pushes in 1953, 1958, and 1961. There is also a price list for the lots in 1953 and an ad for the 1958 Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo.
Dates: 1953 - 1961

Letter and music

 Item — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0121.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This collection contains a handwritten letter, dated January 7, 1919, and sheet of music written by Geneva, Switzerland, professor Dr. R. Landesberger and addressed to President Woodrow Wilson. A typed transcript of the letter is also included. In the letter, Landesberger expresses his doubts about Wilson's proposed League of Nations. Instead of the proposed plan, he suggests that nations should adopt a "Referendum" which would require a majority of nations to approve any future conflicts...
Dates: 1919-01-07


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0139.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Written between January 1 and May 19, 1895, the daily entries in this diary detail J. O. Campbell's activities as a stenographer and typist for what appears to be a bank or broker's office in Montgomery, Alabama. One entry, Saturday, March 16, describes asking Governor Thomas G. Jones if he (Campbell) could "read law in his office." He offers his services as a part-time stenographer and typist, and explains that he doesn't want to practice law "but wanted to know something about it," that his...
Dates: 1895-01 - 1895-05

Discharge papers

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0145.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection contains two forms discharging James Smith, an African American born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, from the United States Army Tenth Cavalry Regiment, in 1872. One form, dated April 4, 1872, is the "final statement" showing how much money is due to him for his term of service, while the second form is his signed receipt, dated May 6, 1872, showing that he received his pay.
Dates: 1872-04 - 1872-05


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0136.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This typescript letter from Booker T. Washington to Robert E. Ely is dated November 12, 1915, two days before Washington's death. In the letter, Washington urges Ely to support the Tuskegee Institute's scholarship fund. The typed letter includes Washington's signature.
Dates: 1915-11-01


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0137.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This prospectus for Nott's and Gliddon's forthcoming book, Types of Mankind: or, ethnological researches, which was published in 1854, depicts a few of the "above two hundred wood cuts" and lists the chapter titles for the first section of the book.
Dates: 1854

Letter and constitution

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0135.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This constitution and letter is related to The American Land Settlement Company, a New York-based company which sold plots of land to settlers moving to the Kansas territory. The company's constitution outlines the company's intent to purchase 240 acres of land in the Kansas territory and form a county, providing settlers with support to create a municipal government and a community infrastructure. The constitution is signed by G. W. Brown, a company agent, and dated 1854. ...
Dates: 1855-06-11

Loading Cotton on the Alabama River caption, 1857

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.01
Scope and Contents This two-page typescript, titled "Loading Cotton on the Alabama River," is the caption of an illustration initially published in Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion on November 28, 1857. The caption describes an illustration featuring African-American boatmen using hooks to load cotton bales onto a steamboat. This collection only contains a typescript of the caption; a copy of the illustration is not included.
Dates: 1857

Gus Barbour letter, after 1800

 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W0129.04
Scope and Contents The collection contains a letter from Gus Barbour of Culpeper, Virginia, to William H. Terrell in Warm Springs, Virginia. Barbour is replying to a query from Terrell regarding a man who died in Culpeper without leaving any money or effects.
Dates: after 1800


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0130.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This collection contains two letters written by Hayneville, Alabama, farmers to Montgomery merchants T. J. Scott and Sons related to livestock sales. The earliest letter, unsigned, is dated February 28, 1904, and reports on the condition of mules recently sold by the company, noting that one mule is injured and unfit for work and would be returned to the company. The one-page letter also includes price estimates for the female and male mule. The second letter, dated...
Dates: 1904


 File — Box: WSC001, Folder: W 0131.01
Scope and Contents From the Collection: This three-page, undated letter, written by Senator John Tyler Morgan to Alabama governor Joseph F. Johnston, discusses the political appointment of Major Barnard Goldsmith West to the staff of General Wheeler. Morgan commends West for his service "in times of civil strife in Alabama," and describes the process of transferring Major West from the Alabama state troop division stationed in Birmingham to General Wheeler's staff. Although little information is available about...
Dates: 1896 - 1900