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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

C. and Louisa Van Duren Letter, 1845 August 10

 File — Box 4257.001: [1006214226], Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Parents C. and Louisa Van Duren of Dansville, New York, wrote to children in Franklin, Michigan, about crops and harvest. The weather had been irregular and caused the premature death of the fruit and potatoes, though the wheat harvest was abundant.
Dates: 1845 August 10

C. Hammel Letter, 1888 October 8

 File — Box 4267.001: [1005680107], Folder: 51
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter written by C. Hammel of Collamer, Ohio, to Mr. S. F. Colvin of Fullertown, Ohio. In the letter, Hammel tells Colvin he can have a stove for $4, and "if you want it for that, you can bring me a barrel of cider as soon as you like and a few bushel of sweet apples." Hammel also tells Colvin that the price of cider may soon go up, and that "the boys" wish Colvin to bring Vern Mansfield with him when he comes to visit.
Dates: 1888 October 8

Charles R. Durkee Letter, 1841-09-07

 File — Box 4257.004: [1006214229], Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Letter from Charles R. Durkee in Columbus, Ohio, to his mother Mrs. H. A. Durkee of Townshend, Vermont, telling her of a "great Negro riot" in Cincinnati where seven or eight whites and blacks were killed and fifteen or twenty wounded. He also tells her about Ohio's crops, bed bugs, and thieves, as well as what he has been doing while in Ohio. He asks her to send a message along to his father asking for money if he has any to spare.
Dates: 1841-09-07

Cyrus Durley Letter, 1912-07-18

 File — Box 4257.003: [1006214228], Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Letter from Cyrus Durley of Kennebunkport, Maine, to R. A. Murdock of Roxbury, Massachusetts, about the season's crops and that Murdock almost received a letter bordered in black ribbon rather than purple as lightning struck one of the chicken houses while he was working in it. Also included is a sample of a "1912 Latch String."
Dates: 1912-07-18

Diaries of an Unknown Farmer, 1935-1936

 File — Box 4267.003: [1005680106], Folder: 2
Scope and Contents This file contains two year-long diaries of a farmer's activities written in promotional pocket notebooks printed by Planters Exclusive Burley Floor of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
Dates: 1935-1936

E. T. Raffee Letter, 1878 March 7

 File — Box 4257.005: [1006214230], Folder: 23
Scope and Contents Letter written by E. T. Raffee in West Branch, Iowa, to her uncle telling him providing information regarding farming as carried on by her father, who had recently moved to Nebraska.
Dates: 1878 March 7

Edward Buck Letters, 1873 - 1874

 File — Box 4257.005: [1006214230], Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Letters from Edward Buck of Trowbridge, Michigan, to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Downing of East Dekalb, New York, telling about the harvest and produce prices.
Dates: 1873 - 1874

Frank Jones Letter, 1874 October - December

 File — Box 4257.005: [1006214230], Folder: 16
Scope and Contents Letter by Frank Jones in Lima, Ohio, to his son John in Nevada, Iowa, begun on October 29, 1874, and finished in December by John's mother. The letter covers the harvesting of apples and pumpkins, burying cabbages, and the snowy weather. John's mother lightly scolds John for the number of letters she has sent him without any reply. She also updates him on the weather as well as the local goings on.
Dates: 1874 October - December

J. S. Bozman Letter, 1842 November 2

 File — Box 4257.015: [1006214240], Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Letter from J. S. Bozman of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to his uncle, Stepen S. Soresby of Erie, Alabama, discussing a piece of land owned by the family in Plymouth, North Ccarolina, and also the education of his sister and brother.
Dates: 1842 November 2

J. T. Rowland Letter, 1870 October 27

 File — Box 4267.001: [1005680107], Folder: 36
Scope and Contents This file contains a request from J. T. Rowland in Halsey, Oregon, to Mr. Settlemier in Marion County, Oregon, for more information concerning catalogue orders and pricing for books, trees, and strawberries.
Dates: 1870 October 27

L. A. Davis Letter, 1905-11-17

 File — Box 4257.009: [1006214234], Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Letter from L. A. Davis of Blaine, Kansas, to her niece Addie, about an accident Mr. Davis suffered while in Denver. She says that he was struck by an electric car that bruised him badly and that he will need a cane for some time as his knee was also injured. Davis also tells Addie about the chores she has as well as what kinds of crops they are growing and how good the harvest is.
Dates: 1905-11-17

L. A. Harrison Letter, 1891-01-06

 File — Box 4257.007: [1006214232], Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Letter from L. A. Harrison of Kingston Center, Ohio, to Clifton Stark of Mansfield, Ohio, telling about the price of Stark's old family farm and horses he has bred.
Dates: 1891-01-06

L. W. Goodman Farm Ledger, 1904-1937

 File — Box 4267.002: [1005680108], Folder: 8
Scope and Contents This file contains a ledger with L. W. Goodman's account of annual farm expenses and income in Sulphur Springs, Indiana.
Dates: 1904-1937

Lee Goff Letters, 1904-1912

 File — Box 4257.008: [1006214233], Folder: 24
Scope and Contents Letters to Lee Goff of Easton, Illinois, Ogilovie, Minnesota, and Eve, Kentucky, from friends and family giving general news of family and acquaintances and discussing work and farming.
Dates: 1904-1912

Letter from Alston, Finlay, and Company, 1827 November

 File — Box 4267.004: [1005680415], oversize-folder: 1
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Liverpool written by a representative of Alston, Finlay, and Company to Mazyck and Bell in Charleston. The letter discusses cotton and tobacco sales, and is written on the same paper as the company's list of "Prices Current of American Produce."
Dates: 1827 November

Letter from Aunt Sarah to Her Niece, 1894-07-21

 File — Box 4257.027: [1006213001], Folder: 30
Scope and Contents Letter from Aunt Sarah to her niece with news about the family and how the drought was affecting all the crops, especially the raspberries, corn, beans, and potatoes. There is also a small newspaper clipping about the birrth of Mr. and Mrs. G. B Dunton's son.
Dates: 1894-07-21

S. H. Allard Letters, 1857, 1859

 File — Box 4267.001: [1005680107], Folder: 24
Scope and Contents This file contains two letters. One letter, dated November 11, 1857, is written to "dear brother," and discusses daily life and prices of plows, horses, and land. It is accompanied by an envelope addressed to S. H. Allard of Gallipolis, Ohio. The other letter, dated February 14, 1859, is also addressed to "dear brother," and concerns the sale and value of marble. The letter, which mentions Gallipolis and Portsmouth, is signed with the names S. H. Allard and W. H. Allard.
Dates: 1857, 1859

Tyler M. Beach Letter, 1830 April 30

 File — Box 4257.001: [1006214226], Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter written by Tyler M. Beach of Otto, New York, to his brother, Augustus Beach of Oppenheim, New York, in 1830, with updates on family, friends, and their farm.
Dates: 1830 April 30

William Brown Letters, 1844-1846

 File — Box 4257.004: [1006214229], Folder: 16
Scope and Contents Letters from William Brown of Logansport, Indiana, to B. F. Brown in Piqua, Ohio, discussing crops and commerce in Logansport, and explains that he has had to fire the man sharing the house with him because of his drinking, and that B. F. should not be surprised if he hears of William getting married again because he needs a housekeeper.
Dates: 1844-1846