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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
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Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Hans Höchersteiger Papers, 1938 - 1944

Scope and Contents The collection contains letters and postcards of Hans Höchersteiger, a technical sergeant of the Luftwaffe during World War II. Höchersteiger was captured in May 1941 and was held first in England and then in Ottawa, Canada. All the letters and postcards from Höchersteiger are to his family in Stuttgart, Germany, and are written in German. There is no translation for them at this time. There are also letters from the German Red Cross to Höchersteiger's family (probably his father) concerning...
Dates: 1938 - 1944

Henry E. Shepherd letter, 1906 December 17

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.20
Scope and Contents In a letter, dated December 17, 1906, from Henry E. Shepherd, author of The Life of Robert Edward Lee, to Colonel Thomas S. Kenan of Raleigh, North Carolina, Shepherd assures Kenan that five additional copies of The Life of Lee will be sent from the publisher soon. Shepherd also describes a letter from a critic who "expresses an implied contempt for my book as well as for myself and any literary work that might appear...
Dates: 1906 December 17

Ira W. and Flora Peabody Letters, 1901 - 1907

 File — Box 4257.002: [1006214227], Folder: 29
Scope and Contents A collection of letters sent to Ira W. and Flora Peabody of Lebanon, New Hampshire, from friends, family, and others from 1890 to 1907, dealing mainly with the lives of the writers and mutual aquaintances.
Dates: 1901 - 1907

Jeremiah Clemens letter, 1848 September 3

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.17
Scope and Contents Jeremiah Clemens writes on September 3, 1848, to the Adjutant General of the Army in Washington, D.C., thanking him for sending his commission as a lieutenant colonel in the Ninth Infantry.
Dates: 1848 September 3

Jonathan Daniels letter, 1970 October 5

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.14
Scope and Contents A letter from Jonathan Daniels, dated October 5, 1970, explaining to Dr. Abernathy how two copies of his (Daniels') book were sent to Abernathy. Daniels also tells Abernathy about his progress on his next book.
Dates: 1970 October 5

L. A. Shaver letter, 1880 June 22

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.06
Scope and Contents A one-page letter written by Montgomery County (Alabama) Superintendent of Education L. A. Shaver to J. W. Dubose, appointing him to the Montgomery County Board of Education following the resignation of another board member. The letter, dated June 22, 1890, is written on stationery from Shaver's law firm.
Dates: 1880 June 22

Oscar W. Underwood papers, 1898-1924

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.18
Scope and Contents Twenty letters written by and about 1924 Democratic presidential nominee Oscar Wilder Underwood.
Dates: 1898-1924

R. Henry Hudson letter, after 1800

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.02
Scope and Contents This draft of a letter from R. Henry Hudson to an unknown party discusses a dispute around an unpaid bill. There is no indication where or when this draft was written.
Dates: after 1800

Robert Ould letter, 1869 July 13

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.07
Scope and Contents In a one page letter dated July 13, 1869, from Robert Ould to Henry A. Wise, president of the Southern Association, Ould resigned his position as director of the association. The Southern Association was a Virginia benevolent organization established to support widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers.
Dates: 1869 July 13

Walter White letter [photocopy], 1863 August 16

 File — Box WSC002: [1006241709], Folder: W0150.02
Scope and Contents The collection contains a photocopy of a letter from Walter White, a Confederate soldier in General Braxton Bragg's Army of Mississippi (later known as the Army of Tennessee), to a young lady back home. He spends much of the letter asking her to write.
Dates: 1863 August 16

William R. Smith letter, 1879 February 12

 File — Box WSC001: [1006241611], Folder: W0129.15
Scope and Contents This is a brief note of reintroduction, dated February 12, 1879, written by William Russell Smith, a Tuscaloosa lawyer and former representative for Alabama to the United States Congress and president of the University of Alabama.
Dates: 1879 February 12