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Box 4257.015


Contains 46 Collections and/or Records:

Mag McMillan Letter, 1889-03-12

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 46
Scope and Contents Letter from Mag McMillan of West Union, West Virginia, to a friend comiserating about the mumps and relating about the illnesses of mutual acquaintances.
Dates: 1889-03-12

Samuel B. Winslow Letter, 1854-12-24

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents Letter from Samuel B. Winslow of Rheatown, Tennessee, to Hamilton L. Gibson of Stephensburg, Virginia, about family and friends. He also asks to be sent the dimensions of a double and a single shovel plow and a big harrow. He briefly mentions his travels to Tennessee and the impending blindness of his good horse.
Dates: 1854-12-24

B. L. Beall Letters, 1884 - 1891

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 37
Scope and Contents Letters from B. L. Beall of Lenoir, North Carolina, to her children Meta and Bobbie, discussing her activities and updates her children on friends and family.
Dates: 1884 - 1891

Letters to Hiram Newkirk, 1885 - 1887

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 40
Scope and Contents Letters to Hiram Newkirk from friends in Kentucky and Indiana, telling him about the activities of mutual friends, including the marriage of Lizzie Pryor to Mr. Deauval as well as proposing visits.
Dates: 1885 - 1887

Letter to Edward B. Ambler, 1886-08-02

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 41
Scope and Contents Letter to Edward B. Ambler of Cool Spring, Virginia, from his cousin, G. D. F. of Richmond, Virginia, relating his concering Ambler's crops because of the extensive rainy season. He also describes some family history he has recently discovered in the form of letters and journals, expressing an interest in publishing one of the journals.
Dates: 1886-08-02

John Pinnell Letter, 1836-03-07

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter from John Pinnell of Danville, Virginia, to Thomas Carter, also of Danville about cotton sales and about a possible smallpox outbreak.
Dates: 1836-03-07

Letter to Ettie, 1889-05-13

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 47
Scope and Contents Letter to Ettie from a friend in Maretburgh, Kentucky, about crops and friends.
Dates: 1889-05-13

Fragment of a Letter to Frank, 1888-09-03

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 44
Scope and Contents The beginnings of two letters written to Frank from an unknown author in Middlebourne, West Virginia, expressing gladness to hear from Frank as well as doubts and fears since they were last together. .
Dates: 1888-09-03

Letter from Pa, 1884-10-13

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 38
Scope and Contents Letter from a father working in Petersburg, Kentucky, to his son, telling about his work and the upcoming presidential election. He even mentions that "In view of the importance of the Ohio election our treasurer at Cov[ington] has called on us by Circular to make a contribution in advance - it cleaned me out" and asks his son to send money to pay his board.
Dates: 1884-10-13

Letters to Brickmann and Flack, 1876 - 1879

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 34
Scope and Contents Letters to Brinkmann and Flack of Comfort, Texas, about notes due and other business.
Dates: 1876 - 1879

Ellis Merrifield and Francesca Morse Letters, 1859 - 1943

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Letters and telegrams to Ellis Merrifield of Louisville, Kentucky, between 1943 and 1944, and to her mother, Francesca (Mrs. George) Morse, also of Louisville, from 1965 through 1974. The telegrams and letters to Ellis and her husband, Lt. George E. Merrifield, are all dated between 16 December 1943 and 21 February 1944 and are congratulations at the birth of and condolences upon the death of their infant daughter (16-21 December 1943). The letters to Francesca are from various friends and...
Dates: 1859 - 1943

Milner Family Papers, 1883 - 1943

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents Letters and documents of members of the Milner family of Columbia, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, and Indianapolis, Indiana, dating from 1883 to 1955. Included is a handwritten copy of Phoebe Cary's poem "The Leak in the Dike" as well as Joanna Rosamond Milner's 1921 valedictory address and class photographs of five platoons of the Chemical Warfare School, Officer Candidate School in Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.
Dates: 1883 - 1943

Wade Hampton Letter, 1814 June 18

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Letter from Wade Hampton to John Bynum advising Bynum that he will not be able to meet with him as originally planned because of unexpected visitors. He indicates that he will also be engaged in attending a trial, but that as soon as it was completed he should be able to meet with Bynum.
Dates: 1814 June 18

James R. McConochin Letter, 1827 December 3

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Letter from Dr. James R. McConochin of Murfreesborough, Tennessee, to his brother-in-law Daniel T. Slaughter, a lawyer in Culpeper Court House, Virginia, telling about his medical practice and his wife's persistent illness.
Dates: 1827 December 3

Nathaniel H. Hood Letter, 1834 October 26

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Letter from Nathaniel H. Hood of King George County, Virginia, to his children living in Pickens County, Alabama, wishing them good health and discussing a public land sale.
Dates: 1834 October 26

V. Ormond Beatty, 1835 July 19

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Letter from V. Ormond Beatty to his father, A. Beatty, in Washington, Kentucky, asking for advice on and permission to join the Presbyterian Church.
Dates: 1835 July 19

Frances M. Howard Letter, 1839 August 1

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Letter from Frances M. Howard of Sand Hills, Georgia, to her sister Elizabeth A. Bostwick in New Haven, Connecticut, discussing the weather, plants, and the health of friends.
Dates: 1839 August 1

Martha E. Lewis Letter, 1841 February 20-25

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents Letter to Martha E. Lewis, of Sparta, Georgia, written Demopolis, Alabama, between 20-25 February 1841. It is part love letter and part news of family and acquaintances.
Dates: 1841 February 20-25

J. S. Bozman Letter, 1842 November 2

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Letter from J. S. Bozman of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to his uncle, Stepen S. Soresby of Erie, Alabama, discussing a piece of land owned by the family in Plymouth, North Ccarolina, and also the education of his sister and brother.
Dates: 1842 November 2

Samuel J. Hays Letter, 1842 November 16

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Letter from Samuel J. Hays of Jackson, Tennessee, to Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage, Tennessee, announcing Hays' acceptance of Christianity, thanks to the ministry of the Reverend Daniel Baker, a prominent early nineteenth century revivalist who, earlier, was pastor of the Second Church in Washington, DC, where Andrew Jackson attended church while President. Hays was the son of Colonel Robert Hays and Jane Donelson Hays, sister of Rachel Donelson Jackson, and he called Andrew Jackson "uncle."...
Dates: 1842 November 16

Charles Reese Letter, 1845 June 20

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Letter from Charles Reese Baltimore, Maryland, to James Hallowell of Alexandria, D. C, congratulating James on his engagement in a very poetic style of writing.
Dates: 1845 June 20

Ann Tyler Letter, 1847 December 5

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Letter from Ann Tyler of Gadsden, Alabama, to Carrie Wadlington of Charleston, South Carolina, discussing various upcoming weddings and some future travel plans.
Dates: 1847 December 5

S. Y. Thomas Letter, 1848 July 11

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Letter from S. Y. Thomas, of Yorkville, Tennessee, to his sister Jane B. Ireland, of Richmond, Virginia, talking mainly about the health of family members, the deaths or sickness of several, and the reports of typhus and smallpox. Thomas states that in the upcoming 1848 presidential election many local Whigs are not pleased with their idate, Zachary Taylor, whereas the local Democrats are, "finely pleased" with [Lewis] Cass and will all vote for him in this election.
Dates: 1848 July 11

William Barnett Letter, circa 1850

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents Letter from William Barnett of Frankfort, Kentucky, tohis unnamed son. The letter is devoted largely to Barnett's suggestions for his son's eye problems, although there is also reference to the sale of eleven slaves.
Dates: circa 1850

Calvin R. Daggett Letter, 1850 April 11

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents Letter from Calvin R. Daggett of Nashville, Tennessee, to Chandler Bradford of Turner, Maine. After receiving letters from his parents who have already gone west, Calvin decides to travel west, too. He mentions the profits to be had in land ownership in the west. He also tells Bradford to send him any "good, likely girls that want to go to Wisconsin" he would be happy to take them there and "guaranteed they would be married in three weeks even if I have to take one myself."
Dates: 1850 April 11

Pres Mills Letter, 1851 November 9

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Letter from Pres Mills in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and to his wife Margaret in Cynthiana, Kentucky. The letter is written in a lighthearted, flirtatious manner and includes references to Margaret's pregnancy and injunctions not to show the letter to anyone else.
Dates: 1851 November 9

Letters to Maggie, 1859-1863

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents Three letters to Maggie, one from her cousin Mary A. Thompson of Wrightstown, another from R.E.K. of Greensboro, and one from her cousin Corrie of Greensboro. The letters discuss the war, John Brown's trial, family affairs, and the weather.
Dates: 1859-1863; 1859-1863

T. J. Fisher Letter, 1860 November 4

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents Letter from T. J. Fisher of Covington, Kentucky, to Brother Miner of Maysville, Kentucky, advising Miner that Brother Barnes is expecting a letter from "the Church at Maysville" and concludes that Miner could not "do better than to call him, he is a fine preacher and most excellent pastor."
Dates: 1860 November 4

Francis Taylor Letter, 1860 December 29

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents Letter from Francis Taylor of Oldham County, Kentucky, to William Crider of Westport, Kentucky, concerning a debt owed by Crider to Taylor's wife. The latter needed the money repaid owing to having paid, "$150 for her runaway Boy…"
Dates: 1860 December 29

Letter from James to Miriam A. Berry, 1861 April 18

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents Letter from James of St. Mary's, Kentucky, to Miriam A. Berry of Big Spring, Kentucky, commiserating with her on the marriage of an apparent erstwhile suitor of Miriam's. He also tells her of the progress he's made on his manuscript titled The Life of Trotter Triggs and its possible publication in the LLebanon Democrat. He concludes the letter telling her of a mutual friend's intent on joining the army but "as it is...
Dates: 1861 April 18

Maria Dinges Letter, 1863 September 24

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents Letter from Maria Dinges of Woodstock, Virginia, to her daughter-in-law Mrs. Dr. Geo. N. Dinges (Lizzie) of Mount Crawford, Virginia, about the death of Lizzie's grandfather. The rest of the letter covers news of family and friends and Maria's concern for her "beloved son ... something tells me he is in heaven, it is always in my mind."
Dates: 1863 September 24

Mary Savage Letter, 1864 October 4

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 24
Scope and Contents Letter from Mary Savage of Germantown, Kentucky, to her husband F. A. Savage, in Newark, Ohio. The letter deals chiefly with domestic concerns: an ill baby, silk fabric, buttons, and the like.
Dates: 1864 October 4

Letters to Marion Beale, 1870-1878

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 29
Scope and Contents Letters to Marion Beale of Gordonville, Virginia, from friends and family, giving her news about the health and whereabouts of other family members and friends.
Dates: 1870-1878

Alice Fitzgerald Correspondence, 1873-1898

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 30
Scope and Contents Letters to and from Alice Fitzgerald of Columbus and Florence, Georgia and Eufaula, Alabama, dealing with the daily life of family and friends.
Dates: 1873-1898

Bettie Fort Letter, 1874 July 4

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 31
Scope and Contents Letter from Bettie Fort of Bolivar, Tennessee, to her cousin Mrs. Aaron Thorp of Dowagiac, Michigan, about her recent marriage to an other cousin's widower. The letter also discusses Madgie and her progress at college in Florence, Alabama. She also discusses crops, livestock, and other family news.
Dates: 1874 July 4

Rolland Pyles Papers, 1876-1918

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 32
Scope and Contents Letters from Rolland Pyles to his wife and children asking her to write more offten and discusses his work, the rent, their children, and how much he misses her and wants to see her. There is also a small wallet that held Pyles' Selective Service registration card, his union membership documents, and several newspaper clippings concerning Mrs. Pyles death and an automobile accident.
Dates: 1876-1918

Letters to Henry Holtz, 1877-1882

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 33
Scope and Contents Letters to Henry Holtz of Louisville, Kentucky, and Evansville, Indiana. The first two letters are from Lizzie Holty of Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Henry; the first tells him about her activities while he is away. She tells him of a dance where she "enjoyed it right well but darling I wish you were thereI would have had a dood [sic] time." She also asks Henry to come home. The second letter (signed Katie E. Holty) she berates him for believing his brother over her and then proceeds to tell him...
Dates: 1877-1882

Mrs. S. G. Kean Letter, 1877 August 27

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 35
Scope and Contents Letter from Mrs. S. G. Kean of Richmond, Virginia, to Mrs. Daniel London also of Richmond, asking advice about releasing ot retaining her nurse/servant Judy, with a younger unmarried woman, either "white or colored." She explains why she would rather keep her current servant about whom she has no complaints. She also asks Mrs. London if it would be acceptable to bring her servant when she moves to rooms in Mrs. London's home.
Dates: 1877 August 27

Cullen Bailey Letter, 1881 March 28

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 36
Scope and Contents Letter from Cullen Bailey of Mulberry, Tennessee, to his brother, giving updates and news of friends and family, and particularly about farming.
Dates: 1881 March 28

Letters to Genevieve Peyton, 1885-1886

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 39
Scope and Contents Letters to Genevieve Peyton of Charlottesville and Gordonsville, Virginia, from her parents and an aunt, and give news from home.
Dates: 1885-1886

H. W. Foote Letter, 1887 January 27

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 42
Scope and Contents Letter from H. W. Foote of Macon, Mississippi, to D. W. Esmond of Akron, Ohio, expressing sympathy for and offering comforting words on the death of a relation of Esmond's.
Dates: 1887 January 27

Letter to Tom A. Whitfield, 1887 August 23

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 43
Scope and Contents Letter to Tom A. Whitfield of Seven Springs, North Carolina, from an unknown sender in Wilson, North Carolina, discussing mutual friends and activities.
Dates: 1887 August 23

E. H. Bedinger Letters, 1889-1894

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 45
Scope and Contents Letters to the Reverend E.H. Bedinger of Anchoage, Kentucky, discussing mostly church, church activities, and donations.
Dates: 1889-1894

Joe R. P. S. Sprigg Letters, 1902-1911

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents Letters to Joe R.P.S. Sprigg between 1902 and 1911, from various family members and friends. The letters are full of information about friends and events going on in the community. One letter gives work and lodging details for about a dozen men who are obviously acquaintances of Sprigg's.
Dates: 1902-1911

Unidentified Letter Fragment, 1865

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents Letter fragment written by an unidentified person in Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi, concerning his wife's desire to see his relatives and stating how much she apprecieted their kindness and support.
Dates: 1865

James R. See Letter, 1865-10-23

 File — Box: 4257.015, Folder: 25
Scope and Contents Letter from Jas. [James] R. See in Poplar Plains, Kentucky, to his parents concerning possible litigation over the hiring and repossession of a team of oxen he needed for hauling logs.
Dates: 1865-10-23