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Box 4251.002


Contains 21 Collections and/or Records:

Ken Caufield Letter, 1918 October 31

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Letter from Ken Caufield in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to his mother Mrs. W. C. Caufield of St. Petersburg, Florida, apologizing for a lost letter and thanking her again for the socks and cookies she sent, as well as a sweater. He also tells her how life is going and how work at the factory gets more interesting all the time.
Dates: 1918 October 31

Third Liberty Loan Subscriber Window Poster, 1918

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents A 1918 Third Liberty Loan Subscriber window poster.
Dates: 1918

Tom E. Moran Letter, 1918 October 14

 Item — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents Letter from Tom E. Moran of the Bronx in New York City to his friend William ("Bill") Clark congratulating him on his promotion to Second Lieutenant. Moran discusses his dissatisfaction with his own job and says he hopes he can "stick it out" until he finds another job or goes into the Army. He also reports that there were almost two hundred store employees out with the Spanish Influenza that day.
Dates: 1918 October 14

Walter H. Welker Letter, 1918 August 28

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents This collection contains a letter from Walter H. Welker, stationed at Camp Upton in Yaphank, New York, during World War I, to his aunt, Wilma Welker, Adirondack Mountains, New York, 28 August 1918. He says that because he is a musician, “The major called me over the other day about organizing a band.”
Dates: 1918 August 28

Frank H. Hoppe Letters, 1918 September 6 - November 6

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Letter from an American soldier in France with the American Expeditionary Forces in 1918 to his brother in Agra, Kansas.
Dates: 1918 September 6 - November 6

A. T. Baumgarten Letters, 1918 September 3 - 1919 April 12

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Five letters written by Private A. T. Baumgarten, who served in Company F, 312th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I. The letters to his sister, Mabel Baumgarten of Hornell, New York, were written while he was in the hospital awaiting and recovering from a hernia operation. One letter is to Dr. Frank Taylor, also of Hornell, giving Dr. Taylor he gives details of his work in the base hospital, including changing dressings and assisting the doctors and nurses, as...
Dates: 1918 September 3 - 1919 April 12

George F. Courtney Letter, 1918 September 17

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents One letter written by Private George F. Courtney in the Medical Department of the Seventh Field Artillery Regiment of the American Expeditionary Forces in France in 1918, to his parents, Will and Hettie Courtney of Urbana, Illinois. In the letter he talks about releasing French prisoners and taking German prisoners and supplies. He also describes recapturing territory and that “we are in a nice place now: electric lights, log houses and board walks. A week ago the Germans had it—but not now.”
Dates: 1918 September 17

Charles J. Deahey Letter, 1918 September 20

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents This letter to Mr. Herman Badenhoope from Charles J. Deahey (his son's commanding officer) explains that his son was wounded when a grenade exploded. His injuries were not serious, however, because a YMCA-issued copy of the New Testament deflected some of the shrapnel.
Dates: 1918 September 20

Kenyon Putnam Flagg Letters, 1918 October 5 - 1919 April 11

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Seven letters from Kenyon Putnam Flagg, United States Army, stationed in France and Germany, during World War I, to his mother, Mrs. R. A. (Charlotte) Flagg, New York, talking about how the French live, the weather, general news of the war, and that he is "responsible for the training of 2000 men." He also says that he has not been feeling well, and the doctors are not sure why.
Dates: 1918 October 5 - 1919 April 11

Dexter Family Letter to Merrill Taylor, 1918 November 6

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Letter from the Dexter family in Warren, Massachesetts, to Merrill Taylor at Fort McKinley, Portland, Maine, where he was attending non-commissioned officer training school, asking how he is enjoying training and giving updates on mutual friends.
Dates: 1918 November 6

317th Field Artillery Announcements, 1918 November 21

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Announcements from the headquarters of the 317th Field Artillery Regiment regarding the U. S. presence in France, the retreat and capture of German soldiers, and political announcements from Japan concerning the Allied Peace Conference.
Dates: 1918 November 21

Jones Family Letters, 1918 December 3 - 1921 September 21

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Letters from Lt. Alfred E. "Al" Jones of the Medical Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces in France and Germany during World War I, to his sisters, Catherine M. "Kit" Jones and Anna E. Jones, both of Chicago, Illinois. In his letters, he asks about family members and describes places to visit in France when the war is over. There is also a letter to Catherine "Kitty" Jones from Emma L. Houlsby, also of Chicago, asking Kitty for her brother's (John's) address. The postcard in the...
Dates: 1918 December 3 - 1921 September 21

V. W. LeMaster Letter, 1918 December 4

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents In this letter, V. W. (Vernon Walker) LeMaster, stationed in France, writes to his wife Helen in New Bremen, Ohio, 4 December 1918, regarding his birthday on this day, wanting to come home, and sending Christmas cards.
Dates: 1918 December 4

Clyde A. Little Letter, 1918 November [December] 7

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents In this letter, Clyde A. Little, a World War I soldier, writes to a friend or family member that he was glad he received a letter from her, and talks about the influenza epidemic. Although the letter is dated "11/7/18" (and postmarked Dec. 3, 1918) he states that now the war is over he hopes that he can come home soon.
Dates: 1918 November [December] 7

Walt E. Pettit Letter, 1918 December 29

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a letter from an American soldier named Walt E. Pettit, most likely to his wife named (or nicknamed) Gypsy ("Gyp" for short), written on his unit's Christmas Day menu, Chateau Veuxhaulles, Montigny-sur-Aube, December 29, 1918. It is also embellished with cartoons drawn by Pettit and with a small American flag given him by a Frenchwoman, Madame Debricon. The letter itself reveals Pettit to be both articulate and amusing as he describes life in France and the unlikely...
Dates: 1918 December 29

Embroidered World War I Remembrance Card, 1919

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents The collection contains one card with a piece of silk mounted in the window of two pieces of cardboard. The card is tied with a purple ribbon and "Remembrance" is stamped in gold below the embroidered "1919 Souvenir de France." The numbers "1919" are embroidered with the flags and colors of the Allied Powers. While most World War I Silks (embroidered postcards) had a solid cardboard back for address and postage, this card is not meant to be mailed as a postcard since the silk is exposed on both...
Dates: 1919

John E. Hentz Jr. Letter, 1919 January 8

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents In this letter from Sergeant John E. Hentz Jr., a soldier during World War I, to his sister, Bertha, he tells her that he will not be coming home as soon as he thought and asks about friends and relatives. He also tells her about a friend he had told her about in a previous letter was killed.
Dates: 1919 January 8

Adam M. Mummey Letters, 1919 January 31 - February 1

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents Two letters from Sgt. Adam M. (“Mac”) Mummey, stationed in St. Nazaire, France, to his wife, Mrs. Gladys M. Mummey, Chillicothe, Ohio.
Dates: 1919 January 31 - February 1

Forrest Neumeyer Letter, 1919 February 11

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents A letter from Forrest Neumeyer, a soldier in the American Expeditionary Forces, to Ruth Frantz of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about the rainy and cold conditions overseas. He also tells her that the troops have been told they will soon receive leave to go to England and Nice, France.
Dates: 1919 February 11

John J. Pershing Letter, 1919 February 28

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents A letter from John J. Pershing, Commander in Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces, to his troops thanking them for their loyal and brave service in World War I.
Dates: 1919 February 28

Thomas A. Moore Letter, 1919 April 22

 File — Box: 4251.002, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents A letter from Thomas A. Moore, United States Army, stationed in France, to his friend Martin L. Watson, in West Virginia, saying that he isn't able to receive packages but that he looks forward to coming home and enjoys having performers from the States come to entertain them.
Dates: 1919 April 22