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Box 4251.001


Contains 21 Collections and/or Records:

Alban W. Storehalder Postcard, 1917 October 16

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents Postcard from Alban W. Storehalder to his brother, E. J. Storehalder of Bowling Green, Ohio, telling of his transfer to Co. F 146th US Infantry at Camp Sheridan, Alabama.
Dates: 1917 October 16

Sam Groff Letter and Sketch, 1917 June 14

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents Letter and an ink drawing from Sam Groff to his parents in Ridgefield, Washington. In 1917, Groff was in Vallejo, California, probably in naval basic training since he mentions standing in line for hours waiting to "draw clothes" and the sailors having to wait to eat until the electricians were finished in the mess hall. He includes a blue ink sketch of a sailor holding a bottle of rum with the caption "Old Masterpiece by Rum Brandy, A Full Sailor."
Dates: 1917 June 14

Grimes Family Papers, 1908 August 10 - 1919 August 24

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Lionel Grimes was a Marine in World War I, writing to his family in Cincinnati, Ohio, about daily events including guard duty of prisoners, purchasing war stamps, frequent sand storms, and practicing his shooting accuracy. The collection includes a poem and a small group of other correspondence.
Dates: 1908 August 10 - 1919 August 24

Walter R. Way Letter, 1916 February 1

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents This collection consists of one letter written by Walter R. Way on February 1, 1916. The entire letter is a passionate argument against the isolationist movement that preceded the United States’s entry into World War I. He also rails against spies: "Our country is at this moment and has been for months and months riddled with European spies who know more about us than we do ourselves."
Dates: 1916 February 1

Percy C. Miller Letters, 1916 October 2 - 1919 July 13

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents Contains news of life in military airfields around the United States from an enlisted private and machine gun instructor, Percy C. Miller, to Miss Louise Ehlert. Miller describes his travels in Florida, Ohio, and California, various entertainments, his education in airplane machine gun mechanics, a camp quarantine due to "Spanish Influenza," and various airfield accidents. The bulk of the letters date from 1918 to 1919. One letter dates from 1916 and is actually from Louise Ehlert's employer,...
Dates: 1916 October 2 - 1919 July 13

Kinzie Club of St. James's Church Meeting Announcement, 1917 May 29

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents The collection contains a notice of the Kinzie Club of St. James's Church meeting to be held on May 29, 1917, at 8:30pm and that the speaker will be Arthur Brittain Doe on "Ambulance Service at the Front."
Dates: 1917 May 29

Notebooks and Manual, 1917 September 1 - 1978 November 28

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents This folder contains the World War I notebooks and Artilleryman's Manual of Herbert Cecil Powell of Louisville, Kentucky.
Dates: 1917 September 1 - 1978 November 28

Elmer Tanner Letter, 1917 November 17

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents Contains one letter from Elmer Tanner, at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio, to his mother, Mrs. A. Tanner, Geneva, Ohio, 18 November 1917. Written on Army and Navy YMCA stationery, the letter tells his mother about some of his daily activities, other people who have written him, and that he had received his pay.
Dates: 1917 November 17

Jay E. Allen Letters, 1917 November 26 - 1919 June 17

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents Twelve letters from Jay E. Allen of Company D, First Ammunition Train, Fourth Motor Battalion of the American Expeditionary Forces, written between November 1917 to January 1919, to his sister, Lucy (Mrs. John) Davis of Lansing, Michigan.
Dates: 1917 November 26 - 1919 June 17

Frank Robinson Letters, 1918

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents Letters from Frank Robinson while he was serving in the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I to "Dids" Spindler requesting Christmas gifts and telling her of his promotion. A third letter from Evan Edwards was added to one of Robinson's and is addressed to Elizabeth.
Dates: 1918

Marcus Nelson Letter, 1918 February 9

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Letter from Captain Marcus Nelson in Rock Island, Illinois, to John H. Hamberg, also in Rock Island, reporting the names of the Minute Men under his direction.
Dates: 1918 February 9

Alfred H. Johnson Letters, 1918 April - 1924 January

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents The folder contains letters from a young soldier to his mother, Mrs. Alice H. Johnson in Nashville, Tennessee.
Dates: 1918 April - 1924 January

William Brown Letter, 1918 April 9

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents This collection consists of one letter and the accompanying envelope from William "Bill" Brown of Canton, Ohio, to his brother Ray C. Brown, stationed at Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama, dated April 9, 1918. The letter also contains a portion written by Brown's mother, and both discuss local happenings and the weather.
Dates: 1918 April 9

James H. Roper Letter, 1918 April 10

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents Contains one letter from First Lieutenant James H. Roper stationed in France in April 1918 to Elizabeth Ratliff of Princeton, Kentucky, saying how much he likes Elizabeth and how he is enjoying being in France.
Dates: 1918 April 10

Letter from Roland to His Mother, 1918 May 31

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents A very newsy letter from Roland, stationed at Camp Merritt, New Jersey, to his mother, written on Friday, May 31, 1918, just before his group was deployed to Europe. He tells her how she will know when he ships out, saying he will send a telegram to Millie (his sweetheart) saying "Love to all. Will write soon." He explains that his group will be in "quarantine" for twenty-four hours before they leave, and the officers have told the men to go to confession and communion "tomorrow morning" (i.e.,...
Dates: 1918 May 31

Andy Bobenmoyer Letters, 1918 June 4, 1918 July 21

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents This collection consists of two letters to Private Andy Bobenmoyer, France, from his sister, Estella Mills, and his niece, Violet (Estella's daughter), in New Madison, Ohio. Both of the envelopes, dated 4 June 1918 and 21 July 1918, are stamped "Deceased—Verified." The letters mention farming, family, and weather.
Dates: 1918 June 4, 1918 July 21

John A. Jungwirth Letters, 1918 June 7 - 1919 September 13

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents This collection consists of thirty-one letters from John A. Jungwirth, United States Navy, to his girlfriend, Marie Andres, in Detroit, Michigan, during World War I. He also signed his name Jackie and Jack. These letters are dated from 7 June 1918 to 13 September 1919. He described being at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois. He wrote about having to learn and execute wig-wagging (flag signals used by the US Navy), visiting Chicago, and tells of his daily activities. He states in the 5 July...
Dates: 1918 June 7 - 1919 September 13

Letters to William H. Clark, 1918 June 14 - 1919 July 14

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents Letters to William H. Clark while he served in the United States Army during World War I from his wife and friends, discussing his promotion and health.
Dates: 1918 June 14 - 1919 July 14

Charles Herbert Wells Letters, 1918 June 18 - 1918 November 15

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents Contains two letters from Lieutenant Charles Herbert Wells while "somewhere in France" with the 128th Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces, to his sister Edna C. Wells in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in June 1918. In the first letter Herbert tells Edna that he will be writing once a week. The second letter is dated 15 November 1918 and describes the joyful reactions he receives from the local people in the villages of France after armistice was declared.
Dates: 1918 June 18 - 1918 November 15

Letters from Weir to His Family, 1918 July 19 - November 6

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents This collection consists of three letters from Weir, serving in France in a field hospital during World War I, to various unnamed members of his family in the United States. He describes the number of wounded treated in his unit after a battle and noted that some of the younger doctors must still be in the US. He indicates that they should come to France and let the older doctors go home. He also talks about the various souvenirs he has sent home, including a helmet.
Dates: 1918 July 19 - November 6

Christian L. Gruen Letter, 1918 July 30

 File — Box: 4251.001, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents A letter from Private Christian L. Gruen, written on 30 July 1918, to his sister, Katie, in Borden, Clark County, Indiana, talking about friends and family and asking about the hay harvest.
Dates: 1918 July 30