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Box 4267.001


Contains 60 Collections and/or Records:

W. Divine and T. G. Ferrclo Letter, 1883 October 1

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 45
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from W. Divine and T. G. Ferrclo in Sycamore, Illinois, to S. E. Jones in Iowa Falls, Iowa. They discuss business involving the acquisition of land in Minnesota.
Dates: 1883 October 1

David Allen Dimond Letters, 1884-1900

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 46
Scope and Contents This file contains six letters sent to David Allen Dimond of East Canaan, New Hampshire, from 1884-1900. Most of the letters have to do with questions about taxes.
Dates: 1884-1900

Joseph D. Evans and Company Letter, 1884 February 1

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 47
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Joseph D. Evans and Company of New York City to Kyle and Brother of Lynchburg, Virginia, about a tobacco order.
Dates: 1884 February 1

Letter from Clement to Ralph, 1885 February 13

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 48
Scope and Contents This file contains a single letter from Clement, in Puehuehu, to his brother Ralph, discussing a plantation and the payment of a debt.
Dates: 1885 February 13

J. V. Welles Letter, 1885 August 11

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 49
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter written by J. V. Welles of Benton, Saline County, Arkansas, to Charles Tete of Pennsylvania, detailing information about a contract.
Dates: 1885 August 11

W. P. Harvey Bill of Sale, 1886 October 13

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 50
Scope and Contents This file contains a bill of sale for a one-third interest in a parcel of land located in Birmingham, Alabama, owned by W. P. Harvey and being transferred to T. T. Eaton. The lot was located on the corner of Avenue A and 21st Street and was sold for the sum of $5,800.00. The bill of sale is written on stationery from The Florence House.
Dates: 1886 October 13

C. Hammel Letter, 1888 October 8

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 51
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter written by C. Hammel of Collamer, Ohio, to Mr. S. F. Colvin of Fullertown, Ohio. In the letter, Hammel tells Colvin he can have a stove for $4, and "if you want it for that, you can bring me a barrel of cider as soon as you like and a few bushel of sweet apples." Hammel also tells Colvin that the price of cider may soon go up, and that "the boys" wish Colvin to bring Vern Mansfield with him when he comes to visit.
Dates: 1888 October 8

Estate Distribution Receipt, 1889 July 29

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 52
Scope and Contents This file contains a receipt for $26.00, received of J. B. Mannix, executor and trustee of Lucy H. Boudier, deceased. The receipt specifies that the sum is for a share in an estate, and is signed by Mrs. L. A. Grant, Guardian. The file also contains an envelope addressed to Mr. H. J. Moorman and sent from Este and Schmidt, Real Estate Agents, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Dates: 1889 July 29

Frederick Beltz Letter, 1889 November 25

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 53
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Frederick Beltz, an attorney in New York. Beltz writes to a client about the balance of an account.
Dates: 1889 November 25

Florence Railroad and Improvement Company Letters and Product Lists, 1889-1890

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 54
Scope and Contents This file contains outgoing correspondence from officers of the Florence Railroad and Improvement Company of Florence, Alabama, concerning business and legal matters.
Dates: 1889-1890

Hugh Coperlin Letter, 1890 January 12

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 55
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Hugh Coperlin to Gaston, describing a sale of land Coperlin wants transacted.
Dates: 1890 January 12

Hotel Caldwell Bill, 1891 May 12

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 56
Scope and Contents This file contains one bill from the Hotel Caldwell in Birmingham, Alabama, charging the recipient $14.00 for boarding.
Dates: 1891 May 12

Clarence Curtain Correspondence, 1891-1893

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 58
Scope and Contents This file contains letters to Clarence Curtain, an attorney in Circleville, Ohio. One letter, dated May 11, 1891, is a from a general merchandise dealer in Sibley, Missouri, seeking information about where to send the interest payment for one of Curtain's clients. The other letter, written in 1893, is from a client in Experiment, Georgia, asking questions about how to petition the court for child support.
Dates: 1891-1893

Frank Schroeder Postcards, 1896-1898

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 59
Scope and Contents This file contains four postcards addressed to Frank N. Schroeder, county treasurer of Dubuque, Iowa. Two postcards address notes received by Alice Hill and T. J. Johnson, respectively, from Schroeder's office regarding delinquent taxes. Both writers state that they believe their taxes to be paid in full but desire to settle any amount owed. In the third postcard, William Plunkett asks for a tax deed for property bought at a public tax sale, while S. B. Sattner, writer of the fourth postcard,...
Dates: 1896-1898

H. C. Weisenburger Correspondence, 1898

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 60
Scope and Contents This file contains an invoice sheet from the Novelty Wood-Working and Repair Shop in Watsonville, California, with a note from H. C. Weisenburger asking for a payment of $18.00 in rent money. There is also a letter from C. Locklin to Weisenburger asking him to send money that he owes.
Dates: 1898

Towle Brothers Company Invoice, 1899

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 61
Scope and Contents This file contains an invoice from The Towle Brothers Company of Nevada City, California. The company sold "lumber, laths, shingles, shakes, pickets, etc."
Dates: 1899

Frank John Traudt Letters, 1899-1910

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 62
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter of recommendation from T. A. Chapman Company, Dry Goods, for "Mr. F. J. Trandt," head clerk in their Basement Dress Goods and Flannel Department. It also includes three letters from an attorney, Lynn S. Pease, addressed to Frank Traudt or John Traudt Jr., regarding payments and the purchase of Rohn Swimming School. All letters are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Dates: 1899-1910

Richard Chanoweth Promissory Note, 1779 July 12

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents This file contains two photocopies of a signed contract in which Richard Chanoweth promises to deliver to Philip Engle "Summer Deer Skins" equal in value to a barrel of whiskey sent by Engle.
Dates: 1779 July 12

Richard J. Munford and Family Legal Summons, 1820 January 19

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents This file contains one summons to be served on Richard J. Munford, Jane W. Munford, and Allethia Munford of Hart County, Kentucky, "Jane and Allethia being heirs of James Munford." The summons indicates that the Munfords must appear in court to answer a bill of revivor exhibited against them by Frances Walton, heir of Mathew Walton.
Dates: 1820 January 19

Thomas J. Campbell Papers, 1820-1879

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents This file contains thirty-six letters and nine records belonging to Thomas J. Campbell, a lawyer and businessman in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, who had business dealings with men from all over Kentucky and surrounding areas, mostly regarding the buying and selling of land.
Dates: 1820-1879

Letter to Phillip Thompson, 1828 September 6

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter addressed to Phillip Thompson. The letter, which is missing a signature, relates to a court case involving the author's estate. The top of the letter bears a penciled note written by donor Wade Hall that mentions Morganfield, Kentucky.
Dates: 1828 September 6

Jonathan Jewett Letter, 1835 January 3

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Jonathan Jewett of New York to L. H. Hamilton of Augusta, Georgia, about business. In the letter, Jewett discusses "Jane G. Hall's suit" and instructs Hamilton to "git the best ofer [sic] you can and write me on the subject."
Dates: 1835 January 3

Joseph Johnson and Company Steamboat Receipts, 1836-1837

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents This file contains a statement and a receipt from Whiteman, Crew and Company of Knoxville, Tennessee, to Joseph Johnston and Company of Madisonville, Tennessee, regarding materials shipped on the steamboat Guide in the Holston River bound for Decatur. The shipped materials included cotton, cotton gin, and bundle cords, and the total bill came to $70.00. The receipt is dated May 14, 1836. The file also contains a receipt dated June 2, 1837, to Joseph Johnson and...
Dates: 1836-1837

J. H. Clark Letter, 1837 January 22

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents This file contains an express order from J. H. Clark of the US Navy to Philip Weisel asking for one barrel of Bedford Water to be shipped to New York without delay. Clark asks questions about how he should pay for the merchandise and concludes that "the Reverend Hall will tell you who I am, and that you will be paid."
Dates: 1837 January 22

Uriah Heildreth Promissory Notes, 1838 November 24

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 8
Scope and Contents This file contains handwritten copies of two promissory notes on a single sheet of paper, both signed by Uriah Heildreth. The notes indicate that Heildreth owed Jacob Martin $356.97 and J. W. James $195.94. A notation on the back says the original notes were sent to Samuel Seatan(?) in Greenupsburgh, Kentucky.
Dates: 1838 November 24

Letters to Augustus Haven, 1838-1839

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 9
Scope and Contents This file contains business letters to Augustus Haven of Tyson Furnace, Vermont. The first letter was written from Proctorsville on December 27, 1838, by M. S. Proctor, who asked if Haven would want "one of our Engines and Pumps." The second letter was written from Acworth on December 1, 1839, by William Hayward, and asks Haven to send patterns for top and bottom oven plates.
Dates: 1838-1839

J. C. Gabler and Company Promissory Note, 1841 December 22

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents This file contains a note with half of the text missing, signed by John Douglas and W. F. Campbell, indicating an amount of $402.83 and mentioning payment to J. C. Gabler and Company of Brownsville. The other side of the paper contains a note in a different hand signed by J. C. Gabler and Company.
Dates: 1841 December 22

John Myer Aspinwall Letter, 1842 September 22

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter written by John Myer Aspinwall to comptroller A. C. Flagg in Albany, New York. Aspinwall wrote Flagg to inform him that his sister would transfer her power of attorney for James L. Aspinwall, as previously agreed.
Dates: 1842 September 22

R. Jenness Letter, 1844 August 10

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter written by R. Jenness in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Lazell, Perkins, and Company, an iron company in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Jenness wrote to inform the company that there was money available in a bank in Boston to settle the balance of Jenness's account with them. Jenness also mentions a need for more nails, and hopes "the ... rains will put your mills in operation so that shortly you will be able to supply me."
Dates: 1844 August 10

E. F. Sise and Company Letter, 1844 October 14

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter from E. F. Sise and Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Messieurs Mason and Lawrence in Boston. The text of the letter outlines a bill for freight and expenses on coal provided to the Salmon Falls Company.
Dates: 1844 October 14

E. E. Upham Letter, 1845 February 21

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 14
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from E. E. Upham in Bangor, Maine, to Jefferson Lake, Esquire, of Brownville, Maine, requesting that Lake provide information regarding "Mr. Rand's" progress on a timber cutting job.
Dates: 1845 February 21

W. H. McKliny Letter, 1846 April 28

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 15
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from William H. McKliny in Wetumpka, Alabama, to L. H. Hamilton in New York. The letter concerns the two men's business partnership, which they were trying to wrap up, and the closing of business in Alabama.
Dates: 1846 April 28

M. E. Ludington Letter, 1848 April 11

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 16
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter written by M. E. Ludington on behalf of Mr. Anson Terry to J. H. Ruggler, chief clerk at the canal department in Albany. Ludington tells Ruggler that Terry "of this place" made a contract with the late Mr. Fish to build "a number of bridges" on the Oswego Canal. According to Ludington, Terry said that an estimate on the work was made either by Mr. Fish or Mr. Richmond; and that the bridges would not be finished by the opening of navigation unless the money due on...
Dates: 1848 April 11

Drinker and Morris Order, 1848 August 28

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 17
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Drinker and Morris in Richmond, Virginia, to Lindsay and Blakiston, Booksellers, in Philadelphia, placing an order for several books.
Dates: 1848 August 28

Letter to Otis Kimball from C. Brick, 1850 August 21

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter to Otis Kimball, Esq., of in Bath, Maine, from C. Brick, in Boston. The letter discusses sales and proceeds, and speculates on whether Kimball can "draw on" two months' [hiring?], "but that is hardly a supposoble [sic] case since the California drafts begin to appear."
Dates: 1850 August 21

L. D. Crenshaw, Brothers and Company and McDaniel and McCorkle Shipping Advertisement, 1850s

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 19
Scope and Contents This file contains a printed leaflet from L. D. Crenshaw, Brothers and Company of Richmond and McDaniel and McCorkle of Lynchburg, advertising to "Western Merchants" shipping rates for merchandise being sent between Baltimore and Lynchburg.
Dates: 1850s

Charles Marx Deposition, 1852 March 24

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 20
Scope and Contents This file contains the deposition of Charles Marx, taken at the office of Sidney S. Baxter in the city of Richmond with William F. Watson acting as notary, and related to a suit filed by W. Curr against Henry J. Tarr and John R. Ray. In the deposition, Marx, a farmer, indicated that he was present for the trial of a new plough and spoke to its effectiveness.
Dates: 1852 March 24

Edward Sherlock Letter, 1852 June 28

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 21
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from C. Bowen, in Waterford, to Edward Sherlock, about a shortage in the wool Sherlock had sent to be sold.
Dates: 1852 June 28

Samuel Holt Letter, 1854 April 20

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 22
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter from Samuel Holt in Marengo County, Alabama, to Mr. August Winston, in Mobile, Alabama, concerning the shipment of the five bags of cotton Winston ordered. The outside of the letter is addressed to John A. Winston and Company, Mobile, Alabama.
Dates: 1854 April 20

Ford W. Nelson Letter, 1856 December 5

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 23
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Ford W. Nelson of Toledo, Ohio, to Mrs. Jakey about hog prices and the best times to sell and buy.
Dates: 1856 December 5

S. H. Allard Letters, 1857, 1859

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 24
Scope and Contents This file contains two letters. One letter, dated November 11, 1857, is written to "dear brother," and discusses daily life and prices of plows, horses, and land. It is accompanied by an envelope addressed to S. H. Allard of Gallipolis, Ohio. The other letter, dated February 14, 1859, is also addressed to "dear brother," and concerns the sale and value of marble. The letter, which mentions Gallipolis and Portsmouth, is signed with the names S. H. Allard and W. H. Allard.
Dates: 1857, 1859

C. R. Posh Order, 1859 January 27

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents This file contains an order for two boxes and one bale made by C. R. Posh of Peoria. It is addressed to Montgomery and Moore.
Dates: 1859 January 27

James Hunter and Company Letter, 1859 June 13

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from James Hunter and Company of New York to Watson, McGill and Company of Petersburg, Virginia, about tobacco sales.
Dates: 1859 June 13

W. E. Nichols Letter , 1860

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 28
Scope and Contents The file contains a one-page letter from W. E. Nichols to Mr. John P. Marble regarding an order of twine.
Dates: 1860

Russell Simpson Letter, 1860 November 10

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 29
Scope and Contents This file contains a fragment of a letter written by Russell Simpson about the sale of cotton. It is postmarked from Mobile, Alabama.
Dates: 1860 November 10

T. A. Marshall Letter, 1861 March 13

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 30
Scope and Contents This file contains one letter from T. A. Marshall to a cousin in Louisvill[e]. The letter opens with a paragraph regarding the cousin's dower, but the bulk of it is devoted to the will of a Major Walls and the portion of it to go to the letter's recipient. Marshall suggests that the cousin take advice from someone near home who can learn the details of the case, as "my opinion is worth as little as that of other respectable lawyers."
Dates: 1861 March 13

R. Morrow Letter, 1861 November 5

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 31
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from R. Morrow to Joseph Pomery concerning a shipment of 3,178 pounds of leather. Morrow also informed Pomery that another load of leather would be ready soon.
Dates: 1861 November 5

Singer Manufacturing Company Letters, 1864

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 32
Scope and Contents This file contains four letters to the Singer Manufacturing Company in New York. Two are dated May 21 and June 22, 1864, from Thomas F. Brown, and one is dated June 23, 1864, from Archibald Mitchell of Leeds and Company. Another is dated March 29, 1864, from Edward C. Fenner of Horter, Peterson, and Fenner. All three represented New Orleans merchant establishments. Browne's letters relate to parts orders and the death of his saleswoman and bookkeeper. Mitchell's letter requests information...
Dates: 1864

M. Boggs Letter, 1864 October 12

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 33
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from M. Boggs to his son Lemuel giving investment advice on the sale of cattle in Illinois.
Dates: 1864 October 12

Lou Wright Letter, 1867 October 4

 File — Box: 4267.001, Folder: 34
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter from Lou Wright of Logansport, Indiana, to John G. Lenny(?) of Madison, Indiana, discussing a contract between Wright and two other people, Colby and Mrs. Emerson. Wright explains that Mrs. Emerson has requested payment outside the plan arranged within the contract for property Wright had purchased. He asks that Lenny speak with Mrs. Emerson and explain what he can and is willing to pay. Wright ends the letter, saying, "The letter of Mrs. Emerson was written by a...
Dates: 1867 October 4